Dior's (beautiful) Golden Winter & closer look at the Jewel Manicure Duo

Rewind to two weeks ago. I was excited to discover Dior’s Winter collection (called Golden Winter) for this year; it’s always gorgeous and if there’s something I do like.. it’s gorgeous things. I arrived full of excitement, but quickly realised I forgot my camera. Result? No pictures of my Diorlicious makeover, no swatches, no nothing. Insert sad puppy face. You’ll have to trust me when I say that everything is gorgeous. Dior’s Golden Winter is a very pretty seasonal collection based on Versailles during Winter time (inside & out!) and holds quite a few products. And a lot of you will be very happy to see that last year’s luxurious golden packaging has made a comeback.. And who doesn’t like luxurious gold compacts and the prettiest nail polish bottles I’ve ever seen? Luckily my blogger friends Sunny & Teri (we attended the presentation together) had their camera’s with them and allowed me to use some of their pictures to at least be able to show you something. Here are an overview of the collection & the items I enjoyed most, shot by them. 

(picture courtesy of Sunny)

(pictures courtesy of Teri)

I had a makeover done with the absolutely beautiful Golden Flower 5 Couleurs palette (pictured above), which holds 5 warm shades that are perfectly complimentary. It brought out my green eyes like not a lot of colours can; I kept getting positive comments about it. Sadly I got home when it was already dark (Winter collections.. Winter time), so I can’t show it off. You can find swatches over at Sunny’s & Teri’s though! We also used the very pretty Diorshow Liner in Rosy Gold. The huge highlighters called Poudre Compacte Illuminatrice Parfumée are probably the stars of the collection when it comes to overall gorgeousness and packaging, but hold loads of shimmer. They’re probably best suited for use on the decolleté, which is very suitable since they smell like the J’Adore perfume! I tried Rose d’Or very subtly on the cheekbones and forehead, it looked lovely but might be too intensely shimmery for some. I got a blush top up as well with one of the two blushes in the collection, which looked beautiful and stayed put until I took my make-up off late in the evening. We ended up not using any lipstick since I had quite a heavy eye and was still heading for coffee. I’ve really liked everything I could try from the collection; the pigmentation of the 5 Couleurs palette I had applied was great & the same goes for the liner. The highlighter could perhaps use a little less shimmer, but is a stunner nonetheless, especially with the J’Adore scent. 

I did get to take this beautiful Diorific Jewel Manicure Duo home with me, so I’m glad to at least be able to show you this part of the collection in close-up! The Jewel Manicure Duo is basically a very fine caviar nail art kit;  much more refined than any caviar I’ve ever tried.. Unless perhaps the fine Ciaté beads. The Diorific caviar beads are see-through and very small, but still sparkly. They’re so elegant! And I don’t think I’ve ever called any Caviar manicure elegant.. 

At the presentation I had my nails done with the Caviar beads and talked with the nail stylist about how I’d wear these ideally. I’m all for going over the top and doing a Caviar manicure on every nail; while others seem to prefer to just add the beads on one accent finger. Well.. I just couldn’t help myself when taking these pictures. I had to show you how pretty this looks when done on the whole hand! Even my boyfriend said he liked it. And that means something. This is the kind of manicure I’d wear on Christmas or New Years eve. There’s just one downside though.. It doesn’t last long. It’ll last you one evening tops if you’re careful when washing your hands or putting on clothing. If you’re a bit of a clumse like I am, the beads will gradually fall off with every run-in with towels, clothing, .. So perhaps you should pick the days you’re planning to wear this well. Personally I’m already a bit past the whole Caviar thing, but Dior brought out a very pretty kit for whoever is still smitten with the trend. The nail polish in Royale is the stunner of the collection this year, and there’s also some good news for those who missed out on the red Marilyn last year: it’s back (last year’s article can be found here)! 

The Dior Golden Winter collection is limited edition & available in stores now. In Belgium, there’s a part of the line that is only sold at the Dior counters in INNO (Woluwe, Brussels Rue Neuve, Brussels Avenue Louise & Antwerp Meir). The liner (€25), both highlighters (€74), the caviar kit (€41) and a few other items are available only in those four department stores. The rest of the collection is widely available in all other Dior retail points. The 5 Couleurs palettes retail for €58, the regular nail polishes for €27 and the lipsticks for €38. 

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