My very favourite budget mascara today: Max Factor Clump Defy

Sometimes, the best makeup surprises are hidden in.. the budget isle. While I used to be convinced that mascara’s best bought in the department store, I have recently come to the conclusion that I’ve been a fool for thinking so.. Don’t get me wrong: I love switching up mascaras and there are some amazeballs high end mascaras out there. Although of course they should be given the higher price you’re paying for them. But my very favourite mascara today? Straight from the budget isle. Costs about half of high end siblings. And it has me hooked! Meet Max Factor’s Clump Defy.
I’ll admit, it’s purple and tacky and does not look like something you’d want to flaunt on your vanity table. I like pretty packaging.. And this one ain’t pretty. It has a nice grip though, and as long as you tuck it away after using it your vanity will be just fine. The brush is angled and fits right under your lashes for maximum product contact. It’s been designed to perfectly separate your lashes and give them a beautiful curl and volume, without any clumps.


And as you can see.. It does exactly what it says it does. It gives my lashes an amazing curl that holds all day, a beautiful length and thickness and most importantly there are no clumps to be spotted. The formula for this mascara is spot on.. I can’t find a flaw. I need about two coats to get these perfect lashes, and can apply an extra layer at night to add some extra volume to revive the look. As simple as that. I love it and I’ll repurchase when this sample product is done. Hooray!

Max Factor’s Clump Defy can be found at your local drugstore or supermarket and retails for €14.99 or £10.99. Hold an eye open for promotions, because Max Factor often holds promotions in combination with other P&G brands.

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