Philosophy Holiday: Granny's Apple Pie (& the actual apple pie!)

Holidays are coming and Philosophy lovers have known for a while.. Eagerly awaiting the special Holiday editions and packaging. In Belgium especially it’s kind of a mystery, since the brand hasn’t been with us for that long and the selection keeps growing.. This year, some of the well loved Holiday themed shampoo/shower gel/body bath's have been added to the line. There's Fluffy Cupcake, Sweet Peppermint Stick, Homemade Honey Buns & Granny’s Apple Pie. I got that last one as a pre-Christmas gift by Philosophy, and you know that whenever I see a recipe printed on something.. I have to make (bake) it.

I’m not sure which granny’s pie this exactly is, but she sure can bake. The recipe is delicious and takes me back to those days as a kid where I went to the playground with mom and dad, and afterwards enjoyed a hot chocolate with pancakes or a hot apple pie in the adjacent tavern. It’s more sugary and buttery than I usually make my pies, but that only made me enjoy it that tad bit more (sugar! butter! omg!). I’m quite the cinnamon freak, so I sprinkled a little bit more than needed on top, just to get those aroma’s working. The actual scent of the Philosophy shower/shampoo/bath gel though, is a lot sweeter. I smell loads of cinnamon (yay!) and baked things (contemplating whether it’s possible to smell crust), but I would’ve liked it to be heavier on the apple scent. Either way, these shower gels are always a true treat and I have a few of them sitting next to the bath tub. Next to Granny’s Applie Pie, the one with Homemade Honey Buns is probably the scent I’d wish to get for Christmas myself.

Philosophy’s Christmas products are in stores now. And for the Belgians reading my blog, there’s an awesome (awesome? AMAZE!) promotion going on in Ici Paris XL: on each and every Philosophy product, there’s an extra whopping 25% off during the month November. If you don’t have an IPXL in your neighbourhood that carries Philosophy, you can also shop the brand on their webshop. These shampoo/bath/shower gels normally retail for €17,50, but with the extra IPXL discounts this is currently selling for €11.81. Not bad.. Not bad..

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