The Primer Dance with Clinique

Primers are one of those hate it or love it kind of product; a lot of people don’t even use any and don’t feel the need to purchase one. My first primer was definitely one for the eyes; there’s nothing worse than a creasing smokey, right? It worked wonders. I was smitten. So I wanted more.. I have combination skin with an oily t-zone, so my next venture into primers was logically a mattifying one for my complexion. My infatuation with primers started when that worked out too. When you start getting the hang of primers, you go bonkers and you start counting the occasions you need them for. Long days at the office? A bit of redness? Looking dull? Obviously, there are primers for all of those occasions. Do you really need all of them? No. You honestly just need two: one for your eyes & one for your complexion. The one for your complexion can be targeted to your skin, and you should take the time to research your options. Like Clinique for example, who’s also jumping on the primer bandwagon &  just released a new range of targeted primers to suit everyone’s needs. Meet Clinique’s new Superprimer Face Primers


Clinique is releasing four different kinds in Belgium: the Universal Face Primer (white), the Colour Corrects Dullness (pink), the Colour Corrects Discolourations (orange) and the online exclusive Colour Corrects Redness (yellow). The Universal primer is the odd one of the bunch since that one is water based and has a much thinner texture; the other three are silicone based and are much thicker. 



The white Universal primer is a pleasant lotion that feels very nourishing and soothing; it’ll prep the skin for make-up application and is a gift when you have drier areas to your skin that would normally show some patchiness. It won’t do any colour correcting, but it’ll nourish your skin, create a smooth make-up base and will let your foundation blend in more seamlessly. This could easily be called a primer for dehydrated skin, if you will. The other primers are silicone based, a bit thicker in texture and when applied leave that typical velvety feeling. Both of the coloured primers I tried look quite pigmented when you squeeze the product out of the tube, but apply sheerer than expected. The pink version will lightly brighten your complexion, while the orange version is best used on certain discoloured areas. I like applying it around my nose as I have some slight darker areas there, blending it outwards to ensure some coverage on my cheeks as well. I’ll blur the area out a little and create a smooth make-up base. I think anyone with rougher skin texture or large pores will benefit more from the coloured versions as the thick silicone texture will smoothen those areas out. I was a little disappointed about the coloured versions at first, but quickly realised that these are corrective primers, not concealers. They won’t correct discolourations completely, but will create a base that’ll help your make-up adjust best to those skin issues.

The Universal primer is the most economical in use as it’s thinner and needs less product for each application. It’s my favourite one of the bunch since it helps with those icky dry patches that sometimes just won’t go away when you’re using certain types of foundation. Remember not to expect any thorough concealing from the targeted colour correcting primers; they will aid but not conceal. The coloured ones also need quite a some product if you’re planning to use them all over.. I would’ve liked them to have worked better when applied sheer. All of the primers create a good base for make-up application and will extend the wear of your foundation, while also taking some care of that one targeted problem the primer is designed for. If you get your expectations straight about the coloured primers, these are good primers for extended make-up wear and smoothing of the skin. Just remember that you’ll still need foundation & concealer. All four of the available shades retail for €27.50 in Belgium. The yellow version designed to tackle redness is only available on their webshop

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