Bourjois Color Edition - worth the raves?

So I have a little thing with cream eyeshadows. It’s been going on for a while and it keeps lingering on.. Especially when there are new versions of these popping up everywhere! I spotted the Bourjois Color Edition 24h cream to powder eyeshadows when they released in the UK in the beginning of Autumn (or shortly after) and had some sort of crush on first internet browse fling going on with them. Especially the color Prune Nocturne was on my wish list (perhaps you spotted it some time ago in my Fall Must Haves edit), so I couldn’t be happier when I got to try them out in preview just before they local launch in Belgium.

These look absolutely beautiful in the pan (pot?) and they hold an amazing pigment when you swatch them quickly. It looks like everything you want in an eyeshadow and when I first got them I just couldn’t wait to use them. So I did. And the color pay-off was much less vibrant on my eyelids when applying them with a brush (the hygienic way, right?). Strange! Applying them with your fingers -straight from the pot- seems to work best, but don’t tell make-up artists I told you so. Apart from that initial color pay-off, they’re super easy to work with, blend amazingly well and when you buy just two, you can make a really pretty daytime look in under a minute.

Exhibit: this cute daytime look. I took Petale De Glace and applied it all over the eyelid, and applied Prune Nocturne on the outer corner of my eye and into my crease. Blended a little with a very soft blending brush (Lancôme has a great synthetic one which will work wonders when blending these kinds of products) and added an extra bit of Petale De Glace with a precision eyeshadow brush on the inner corners of my eye. Ta-dah! Finished and raving? Not quite. When you finally manage to pack all of that pigment you get in swatches on your eyelids, the color vibrance/intensity fades quickly. With a primer (NARS primer ftw!) it won’t crease, but the color diminishes after four to five hours. By the end of the day, you’ll still see most of your eyeshadow, but it’ll look more au naturel than it did in the morning. Which is a bit of a pity, since it does have that 24H promise in the name.

Apart from the tricky color pay-off when using a brush (ok, let’s be honest. we all apply these cream/cream to powder products with our fingers anyway!) and the diminishing color vibrance, I do still like these. Petale De Glace is a gorgeous color that you can use on its own for a quick pop of colour on the lids & Prune Nocturne is a must-have for anyone with green eyes. Just don’t expect them to last 24 hours. These Bourjois Color Edition 24H eyeshadows retail for £6.99 or €11.99 and have been in stores since a couple of weeks (in Belgium). I believe these are limited edition for the Holidays.

**A little tip for my fellow Belgians: I spotted a 25% promotion on all Bourjois products at Di last week. 

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