Building schools with The Body Shop this Christmas

Everybody knows that The Body Shop puts in a thorough effort to support sustainable trade across the world. What I didn’t know, is exactly which projects they support and how they try to make a real change. I was invited to explore their Christmas collection a small while ago, but what really touched me was a presentation about what the gift box in the shape of a gingerbread house actually stands for: their School Project

This holiday season, The Body Shop is using £200.000/€240.000 of the sales of their Christmas gifts worldwide to build five schools around the world, together with their community fair trade partners in those areas. More specifically, schools will be built in Ghana, Honduras, Nepal, Northern India & Southern India. You can read all about the specific schools that will be built here, I was pretty amazed about how this company really tries to make a change where it’s needed in life. In Honduras for example, the school that’ll be built will prevent the children from having to walk to school 5 kilometers across a mountain each day. In Ghana, the school that’ll be built will allow kids to go to school tout court, as right now they don’t even have access to any schools: there are none nearby. This fair trade spirit seems to really be anchored into the company and the presentation put a genuine smile on my face. It’s great to know exactly what you’re supporting. And I’ll gladly support this. And the products? They’re up to par with the high quality of body products we’re used to with The Body Shop. The Gingerbread House contains a 60 ml Cranberry Shower Gel, a 60ml Gingerbread Shower Gel, a 50ml Cranberry Body Butter & a 50ml Gingerbread Body Butter. And to top it all off, there’s a mini crinkle lily in there as well. 

The Gingerbread School House & its contents retail for £17.00 or €23.00 and has been handmade in Get Paper Industries in Nepal. And remember: each gift you buy at The Body Shop this Christmas helps towards the School Project. And trust me when I say that you can’t really do wrong with a The Body Shop gift, I might even have a few laying wrapped up under my Christmas tree as we speak. (And nope mom, friends, colleagues: I’m not confirming anything)

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