Essie's Encrusted Awesomeness (or Treasures as they call it)

Hooray! Holidays are here. Time to relax, enjoy the Christmas tree (I still owe you pictures) and eat delicious things! I’m going to attack a butternut tomorrow & try and create something yummy, which hopefully will end up on the blog somewhere in the coming week. In the meanwhile though, I got a little nail polish crazy this morning. My nails have been horrible and I’m not even sure why (transitioning to Winter? not loving the cold?), so it took some time to get a few ‘nail pictures’ taken. Today I’d like to show you two pretty new nail polishes by Essie, from their Encrusted Treasures collection. 

Essie Encrusted Treasures Belugaria and Ignite The Night

Essie Encrusted Treasures Belugaria and Ignite The Night

There’s been some mixed opinions on this collection  (let’s be honest: it’s been slaughtered and raved about at the same time).. While I was kinda excited from the first glance at them! I really love textures in nail polish, I think it’s been one of the coolest nail polish trends of the past year. The biggest issue with varnishes like these? You need to know exactly how to apply them, since they can quickly look like something totally different than what you had expected.

Essie Belugaria Swatch

Which is exactly the case for Belugaria, a gorgeous and very texturised black nail polish containing some big hexagonal glitters. Very strange and totally awesome. The trick is in the application. Firstly, shake the bottle well. Then you’ve got two options: either you do one very thick coat, or two very thin ones. And don’t just swipe the nail polish on like you would any other, you have to really dab the product onto your nails. The prettiest results will come out of the application with two layers, just like I did for all fingers except the ring finger. And unlike you’d expect, this polish dries super fast! It doesn’t even take a minute. This does leave a gritty texture on your nails (think twice the feeling of a liquid sand), it will hurt if you accidentally scratch your skin, it will get stuck in your hair sometimes, but.. It’s pretty. Very rock ‘n roll chic. It’s like haute couture for the nails. Not easy to wear at all, and it looks a little weird from up close, but still.. totes amaze

Essie Ignite The Night Swatch

Ignite The Night is a completely different story and I think would be loved by just about anyone. It’s a super dense glitter polish that goes opaque in two layers (which is what you see in the picture). It applies really easily, dries quickly and finishes semi-matte. Goes bold and super sparkly with a clear top coat. So I guess it kinda stops there, doesn’t it? Nothing bad to say, it’s a perfect glitter polish.

Essie’s Encrusted Treasures collection has been in stores since November and features six different bold nail polishes, each priced at €10.99. It’s definitely the most daring collection for this Christmas, which I can only be excited about. We definitely need more experimental collections like these. For the love of polishes!

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