Five Awesome Budget Hair Products!

My discovery road to budget products mastery keeps on going & I’ve been very pleasantly surprised to discover that there are some true gems out there. It’s important to contemplate every purchase, and while I am very pro splurging every now & then on things you’ve put on your wishlist to keep life fun and reward yourself, I’m also very conscious about not going totally overboard. Everyone has their own budget and possibilities, but I’m sure that no-one hates a good bargain. I especially love good bargains! Hair care is one of my pet peeves & after a period of only using the expensive stuffs, I’m now very excited to share five awesome budget hair products with you!


1. Batiste Dry Shampoo Dark & Brunette (€5.59 for 200 ml) - I’ve been experimenting with washing my hair way less than I used to lately and when you’re washing your hair just a couple of times a week.. You definitely need dry shampoo and preferably lots of it. With dark hair it can be tricky to apply it properly without leaving a grey wash of colour onto your roots, but that problem is a thing of a past with this coloured dry shampoo by Batiste. It doesn’t transfer on clothing, although when you wash your hair you will see some brown product in the water when you rinse out your shampoo. And a nice little extra: dry shampoos add extra volume like whoa!

2. Pantene Expert Age Defy Anti Ageing Conditioner (€6.99 for 200 ml) - This line has been created to combat ageing in hair and claims to make hair look ten years younger. Apart from these claims (sometimes beauty brands claim the weirdest things), I really like the conditioner. It coats your hairs so they look less coarse and adds a first layer of heat damage protection. Attention: this holds loads of silicone (hence the coating), so if you’re not a fan you should skip this line. Doesn’t really do much for your hair on the long run, but if your hair looks like a coarse mess and you need it to look smooth & good without much effort, this is the conditioner to go for!

3. Dove Nourishing Oil Care Detangler (€4.40 for 200 ml) - This is one of the best leave in hair detanglers/cares you can find in the budget isle. Contains a blends of nourishing oils (almond, coconut & argan oil) and smells extremely good, like Dove & sweet almonds. Spray liberally into your locks before brushing them out & you’ll find no knots or tangles. Removes some of the frizz too. It’s budget heaven!

4. John Frieda Root Awakening Strength Infusing Shampoo for Dry Hair (€8.99 for 250 ml) - I’m not sure where I picked up my interest for this one, but I couldn’t refuse buying this shampoo when I saw it at 30% off at a local supermarket. It’s my first product by John Frieda and I am very pleasantly surprised. The shampoo contains a peppermint extract which is amazing for the scalp & cleanses thoroughly but gently. Been reaching for it every wash since I got it.. And that’s gotta mean something.

5. Syoss Intensive Care Oil-Conditioner (€4.49 for 500 ml) - This one is probably the most budget one of them all at less than five euros for a massive amount of product. It contains keratin and apricot kernel oil & leaves hair soft and shiny, while also managing frizz. Whenever I’m in a hurry but still need some hair TLC, I like to soak the ends of my hair with this for a minute, which already gives results.

Hopefully this gave you some budget inspiration! I know I have a tendency to really like the expensive things, but this article goes to show that that doesn’t always have to be the case! If you have any other budget hair care tips for me.. Do share.

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