Maintaining good skin: an Idealia Life Serum story

Sometimes I hear girls say that good skin or hair is “in someone’s genes” & that whatever you do, it won’t really affect how it looks because “it is what it is.” Not completely true, because everyday we’re responsible for what we do with our skin & if we don’t take proper care of it.. we’re slowly accumulating damage to our skin. One of the worst agressors is definitely the nasty habit that is smoking (I’ll admit to having smoked in the past.. So thankful I succeeded in shaking that habit), which will age your skin tremendously and very visibly too. But other causes of skin ageing/damage can just as well be too much (unprotected) exposure to the sun, not cleansing properly, eating unhealthily, not drinking enough water & even things we don’t control such as air pollution in big cities and extreme climates. While of course it’s always advised to live healthily and to properly and actively take good care of your body (except when it’s rainy and cold and you just need hot chocolate with marshmallows to survive, but in all other circumstances.. sure!); Vichy decided to try and help us with these daily issues with one simple product: the Vichy Idealia Life Serum

For this new serum, Vichy combines (for the very first time!) the LR2412 molecule with LHA. LR2412 is derivate from the jasmine flower, and apparently (according to Vichy) one of the best molecules to aid us in the battle against skin ageing. Jasmine flowers discharge a reparative acid when it’s exposed to a harmful environment, and those beneficial properties are extracted & collected in the LR2412 molecule. In the Idealia serum, LR2412 is connected to LHA (a salicyl acid derivate) which also promotes cell renewal. So in human terms, the two together make for a great team that’ll boost your skin and will try and repair some of the visible short-term damage done. I mostly like the texture, which seems to sink into my skin instantly. It has a light flowery scent which might feel a little odd for a serum, but I don’t mind at all and quite enjoy it. I’ve been using it every morning before applying my moisturising lotion; it’s a great product to continuously but softly work on the texture and appearance of your skin. If you are battling imperfections in your skin (blackheads, darker pigmentation spots in some areas), this is a great daily addition to your skin care routine next to using something more hefty at night time every two to three days. So do I feel like it works? Yep, I think it does. My skin has been in transition and has grown so much better the past few months.. Obviously I can’t say that it’s just because of this serum (which I’ve now almost run out of), but I’ve been loving using it daily and it hasn’t caused any trouble either. For me, it’s a total keeper. And you know how picky my skin is.

The Vichy Idealia Life Serum retails for €37,95 in Belgium & can be found in most pharmacies. 

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