My friend Elfi wrote a book about nail art! ♥

Elfi.. She’s one of the sweetest girls I know. Bubbly, cheerful, fun-loving, .. and I’m almost 100% sure that she wears something glittery daily (yep, THAT fun!). The first time I met her she was sporting Muppets nails and since then I don’t think I’ve ever seen her bare nails. This girl breathes nail art, so it was only a matter of time before she released her very own nail art book. And suitably, it’s called Happy Nails

The book is not only filled with nail art tutorials, but also provides you with lots of information on how to care properly for your hands, feet and nails. Think DIY recipes for scrubs, help with choosing your nail shape & nail filing SOS. Whenever my nails aren’t feeling happy, I turn to Elfi for help.. And from now on I just have to browse her book.

So what do you need to get started with nail art? A dotting tool (find one at HEMA or browse eBay), striper nail polishes (HEMA, NYC, Stripe Rite), gems and studs (eBay, Essence, ProNails), stickers (ProNails) and glitter nail polishes (just about every brand) will get you started. Make sure your nails are prepped before you start by caring for your cuticles (nourish them with oils) and applying a base coat. I’m a big fan of Guerlain & OPI their base coats, but any brand is better than using none. 

My galaxy nails still need some help.. But still I am pretty stoked with the results of these nail arts! There are loads of different tutorials to try out & everything is explained so clearly that it’s all just a piece of cake. Thanks Elfi! 

Happy Nails by Elfi De Bruyn retails for €12.99 and can be purchased in book stores across Flanders & The Netherlands, or online without shipping costs here. Right now it only exists in Dutch, but a little birdie told me that a German translation is being made as we speak! And I’m certain that it won’t be long for an English and French one to follow either.. 

Congratulations on your book, sweet Elfi! Hugs & kisses from me.

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