A Smoky Plum Look with The Body Shop

Looking back at 2013, I think my biggest make-up discovery was anything with a plum colour. Where in 2012 I probably would not have looked at them twice, I fell completely and utterly in love with all plum shades in 2013. Needless to say I was quite excited when I discovered a plum eyeshadow palette in my Christmas makeup kit I got from The Body Shop. Every Christmas, The Body Shop launches a smokey eye quad holding four perfectly coordinated colours. This year, they added a new version with plum colours. You’ll might’ve already spotted it in my 2013 favourites overview, because it really is that amazing! I’ve been wearing it very often lately, both during daytime & when I’m out for dinner or drinks.

The 4-Step Smoky Eyeshadow Palette in 02 Smoky Plum holds four amazingly pigmented colours: a pale pink highlighter, a shimmery mauve, a warm copper & a deep aubergine. The two little added brushes are handy if you don’t have any other tools, but as usual if you’re a brush fanatic like I am you’ll prefer using your usual favourites.

These kind of plummy shades work really well with green eyes, but of course they’ll be pretty on any eye colour. Using the aubergine shade will add more plum hues to the look, but leaving it out is equally possible and will make for a gorgeous pinkish brown look. In the look I created I used all colours, topping off with a generous veil of the aubergine colour for that gorgeous plum look I’ve been loving so much. See how pretty the pink highlighter shade is? It’s subtle, but effective.

This palette is a part of the limited edition Christmas collection and should retail for €25.00 or £15.00, but I noticed it to be on sale now at 50% off. You should definitely get this one if you’re mad about eyeshadows, quads and plums, it’s a true steal!

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