I love you, Philip Kingsley Elasticizer

Whoever created The Elasticizer in Philip Kingsley's team: I wish to thank you deeply for creating this little hair treatment of heaven. I will admit to having lived under a rock for the past couple of years, because up until my friend gave me this (it was in her huge Liberty gift with purchase bag last September), I had no idea it existed. But I knew from the first moment I read the product name: yep, I need to 'elasticize' my hair. It can be quite dry and lifeless, and any treatment claiming to be able to pour some extra life into my locks.. Needs to be tested. No excuses. 

I have this little sample tube, but you can purchase this treatment in sizes between 75ml and 1000ml (that’s when you’ll have to admit that you’re hooked on this stuff). Before washing your hair, apply this treatment on the lengths of your wet, towel-dried hair. I like to add a little bit more to the ends of my hair & parts that are a bit more damaged, like my fringe or hair on the sides of my face where I use the most heat. Cover this up with a plastic cap (or wrap your hair with plastic foil) and leave it in for at least half an hour. When I have time, I like to let it work its magic for an hour or two. Then, just rinse it out & follow with shampoo and conditioner as usual. So why is this pre-cleanse treatment different from the others and how exactly does it work? Elasticizer contains elastin, which is the component that will allow your hair to endure just a bit more pulling & stretching than usual, resulting in less breakage. Especially when your hair is wet, it’s very vulnerable and styling it will result in unnecessary damaged hair. Next to that, it contains olive & castor oil to add heaps of moisture and to nourish those damaged strands. 

When your hair is dry, you’ll find your hair to be much more supple than before, it feels like it can take more pulling and stretching & it bounces like any A-list movie star’s hair on the night of the Oscars. The first time I used this I couldn’t stop touching my hair.. It’s that good! A 150ml jar retails for €30.25, which is not the cheapest hair treatment, but not the most expensive either. In my opinion it’s well worth the investment & definitely something I’ll repurchase! In the UK you’ll find this in most luxury department stores, but fellow Belgians might have a more difficult time finding anything by Philip Kingsley in stores. Luckily a few webshops (like FeelUnique, just placed my first order there, I’ll report back soon)stock the brand with free shipping to mainland Europe.

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