Pre-Cleansing with Ojon (but it's leaving the building..)

Ojon Pre-Cleansing Treatment

There are two things I can’t seem to buy enough of: brushes and hair care products. I know I get a little blush and palette crazy as well, but especially with brushes and hair care.. There’s no stopping me. I always find some excuse to make the next purchase. I found this Ojon Restorative Pre-Cleansing Treatment by accident (just happened to stumble upon some Ojon.. yep) a while ago and have been loving using it since.. already contemplating the next purchase with every use. Until I found out that it’s actually been discontinued somewhere last year, with a bit of stock left through some hair websites on Amazon & on eBay from independent sellers. So before this thing completely runs out.. Let me tell you how much I’ve been loving it.

Ojon Pre-Cleansing Treatment

Ojon is a well hyped and established (very natural) hair care brand in the US and Canada that has also found its way to a wide range of stores in the UK & Sephora in France. The main ingredient of the brand is ojon oil, extracted from the nuts of the ojon tree that grows in the Central American rainforest. The oil, hand harvested by the local Tawira tribe, is known for its very nourishing properties and penetrates the hair shaft to give amazing results. Treating your hair with oils before shampooing seems a bit odd at first, but when thinking it through turns out quite logical. This pre-cleansing treatment adds a generous boost of goodness to your hair before washing, since some shampoos can be very drying, strip your hair of its natural oils and do some extra damage to already badly damaged hair. By adding this extra dose of oils, you’re making sure not all oils are washed out. If you have thick and very dry hair you could use this with every wash, but I prefer to use it once a week (which roughly is every other wash these days). It adds suppleness and bounce to my hair, loads of shine and it tames some of the frizz. I’ll admit that Ojon products don’t always smell nice (a bit smoky), but it’s bearable.

Sadly enough I can’t give you much sales info except for the advice to look for that last bit of stock on eBay and Amazon. I will be looking out for more pre-cleansing treatments to try (I’ve been using Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer as well, review to follow soon) & hope to find something as natural and good as this one!

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