Storage Tip: Yankee Candle Jars


Since getting my very own vanity table, I’ve been obsessed with making sure everything is organised. And not just simply organised - I want everything to be pretty to look at as well. As decorating can quickly get quite expensive, I’m always on the lookout for some easy DIY projects that’ll save me some money. And of course, DIY-ing is pretty fun as well! I’ve been smitten with Yankee Candles since a few months (especially during Winter time) so instead of purchasing glass jars in store to put cotton pads & buds in, I chose to recycle the candle jars. Easy peasy!


Cleaning these candle jars is very easy, unlike what you might think. Once you’ve finished burning your candle, there’ll be a small amount of wax left on the bottom of your Yankee Candle jar. Just heat a generous amount of water in a saucepan that’ll fit your candle & bring to a boil. Then remove the saucepan from the heat, put the candle jar in the hot water and let it rest for five minutes. The left over wax will start melting, and you’ll be able to scoop it out easily. While the jar is still hot, clean the inside with an old kitchen sponge and some detergent. I chose to leave the label on, but if you’d wish to you could remove it with some hot water as the glue will dissolve easily. 

I chose to fill this jar with cotton pads, but you could fill it with absolutely anything! I’m thinking lipsticks, mono eyeshadows or even mascaras as these jars are quite big. And of course you don’t have to use Yankee Candles, you could use absolutely any brand. This is just my favourite brand at the moment. I highly recommend the Honey & Spice candle, by the way!

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