The Post Holidays Hair Detox

Post Party Hair Detox

My hair has suffered some serious styling sessions during the holidays, needing perfect fresh curls for every dinner and having no time to rest in between. Now that the Christmas tree is almost gone (we’re saying goodbye tonight), it’s the perfect time for a serious hair detox. Time to get rid of that product build-up!

I really love the Naked Detox Shampoo, it’s very effective at removing product build-up, but still is gentle enough because of the 2-in-1 formula. I do use it as a plain shampoo though, because it’s a little too drying (any detox shampoo is) to actually replace conditioner as well. Added bonus points because the product is 97% natural and very budget friendly too! Next up is a nourishing and detangling conditioner that won’t coat your hair, as you definitely don’t want to add what we’ve just taken away. I’m in love with this The Body Shop Banana Conditioner since I’ve randomly bought it a couple of weeks ago. When I get out of the shower I spritz Bumble and bumble’s Tonic Lotion (full review here) on my roots, it’ll calm your scalp after all those styling products and relieve any itching you might feel. To top it off, I add a hair oil to the very ends of my hair to add a little extra care. I’m a big fan of the Kerastase Elixir Ultime oils, this one had a cute limited edition packaging designed by Jade Jagger and is sadly sold out, but of course the regular version is still available and there are even some targeted editions (for coloured hair for example) available too.

I tend to get a little sad about this post Christmas period as the holiday season is my favourite time of the year, but don’t forget.. the next Christmas tree is only 11 months away! It’ll fly by quickly, I promise :)

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