Anti-Snap Hair TLC

Redken Anti-Snap Hair TLC
I seriously need to talk more about hair products here. I was giving some hair TLC advice on Twitter last week and I brought up a few items I hadn’t even discussed on the blog, even though I consider them my hair saviours. One of these is Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap leave-in treatment. This is a protein treatment for weak and distressed hair - and should basically be a staple for anyone who does some serious styling damage to their hair. I used to dye my hair and wash, blow-dry and straighten it everyday. I know right - what was I even thinking? I got a little wake-up call at the hairdresser once when I had to cut a considerable amount of hair off, and then and there I decided I would stop dyeing my hair.

Apart from a few grey hairs that are now sometimes way too visible, I’m still happy I made that choice. I had been turning to hair colour since I was sixteen or so - my hair definitely needed a break! What I didn’t really count on was that even though I stopped dyeing it - it was still fragile. And I was still using heat styling way too much, and realised I had gotten pretty much addicted to it. I did a little heat styling detox while I lived in London (I had the WILDEST hair sometimes) & got serious about good styling products. I now wash my hair every three days, blow-dry it once per wash and straighten some wild strands on the first day, with touch-ups on the following days. That’s already quite some styling (I envy those girls that can just leave their hair to air dry and need no further styling!), so I rely on good products to keep my hair healthy. The Redken’s Extreme Anti-Snap is one of my very favourite leave-in treatments for my hair. It does not smell nice (a bit sour, a bit medicinal) - but it doesn’t have to. This is one of those products that just does its job, rather than half of its job as well as smelling like a field of daisies. It’s very light-weight, does not make your hair greasy and makes dull hair look all shiny and bright again.

Redken is a professional hair care brand & is sold only in hairdressers, but thanks to the wonders of the web I purchase my professional products on websites like Feelunique. I often wait until there’s a promotion going on - this weekend for example, Feelunique is offering an extra 15% reduction on hair care. This Extreme Anti-Snap treatment retails for €19.76/£15.20. 

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