Current Skin Care Trials

Trying out new skin care mostly is.. waiting. For results, of course! I feel strongly about actually testing a product for a decent amount of time before reporting about it, because mostly a good (or bad) reaction takes a couple of weeks to pop up.. But being the overly excited & impatient girl that I am, I’m equally anxious to tell you about new things from the moment I meet them. Solution? This type of thing. Let me show you what I’m currently trialling.

Les Temps Essentiels de Chanel: These three beauties (Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend) have been in my skin care routine for a thorough month now, so expect a full article soon. As these products are an addition to your current skin care I thought it might be a toughie to judge - but I’m pretty sure I have my opinion ready. Small spoiler: I haven’t felt this confident in my skin in a long time.

Filorga Time Filler Eyes: Something completely new that is launching next month & it should live up to its name. This promises to turn around time around the eyes and I’m mostly very anxious to see whether finally this will be the eye product that’ll actually tackle my very dark under-eye circles. I’m a little too young to be in the target group for the product (I’m turning 27 this year & Filorga would target this at women aged 30+), but since my eye area is my biggest skin problem.. I happily started using it the day I got the product! I have been using this one for about three weeks now, so I’ll wait at least another month to judge results on this. First thoughts? I love the texture!

Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense SPF20 Moisturizer: Just launched in Belgium & I’ve been sent the “combination dry to oily” version to try. I’m very picky about moisturisers (my tricky mixed very dry to very oily skin only approves of just two), but since this one seemed to be created just for my troublesome skin I wanted to give it a go anyway. Have been using it for about 10 days now and I’ve had no huge reactions and haven’t noticed my skin to be oilier or drier as usual. Did have some itchy skin yesterday, but this might be because of some sleepless days due to work stress. It might be a little too rich for my skin, but I want to give it a couple more weeks trial before giving you my final thoughts. If you want to try this out right now, head to the Clinique webshop for a special promo where you get a 15ml jar for free when buying a full size 50ml.

Darphin Vitalskin Anti-Fatigue Dynamizing Serum: A well loved product I got to try out thanks to the lovely people at Farmaline, an online pharmacy with a huge selection of pharmacy brands and products. So far I’ve used this a couple times when needing it after short nights without much sleep, and I’ve been loving it. The coolest thing about this serum? The amazing watery texture! Instant refreshing feeling.

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