Guerlain's Bubbly Bubble Blush

Guerlain Blush
Aah Guerlain, each and every season you always woo me with the most luxurious products. Their luminous finishing pearls on number one of course, I own four tubs with a reason. This year’s Spring collection called “Blossom Météorites" is no different, with a range of luxurious golden packaging as we’d expect. But alongside the usual golden suspects, there’s one little strange duckling to be noticed in the collection: the two Météorites Bubble Blushes that come in a white plastic domed packaging. Might remind you of an EOS lipbalm, but don’t be fooled: this isn’t just a chapstick.

Guerlain Blush
When you open up the little container, you immediately catch the scent - it smells just like their powders do: like yummy violets. It’s very shiny when you first open it, but it doesn’t stay like that. Once you touch it for the first time it reveals a lovely, almost matte cream product. These bubble blushes come in two shades, of which I got 02 Cherry. It’s a very bright magenta pink with a blue undertone, so it’s quite the cold toned blusher. These kind of blushes make you look awake and ‘fresh’, I turn to these on days I know I haven’t slept enough. Pink power!

Guerlain Blush
I played around with different ways of applying this cute bubble blush - straight from the bubble onto the cheeks, by dipping my finger into it and blending it out with tapping motions & with a small stippling blush. Applying the blush directly onto the cheeks and blending it out afterwards, with either your fingers or a brush, will result in the most intense pigmentation. I however prefer to dip my small stippling brush into the dome (Zoeva’s Petit Stippling) and build up the intensity as I blend it out and add more when needed. After blending, the blush quickly dries up to a powdery semi-matte flawless finish. And I don’t take the word flawless lightly, this is the real deal here. Doesn’t move your base product, doesn’t stain before blending & stays put all day through. Win!

Guerlain’s Météorites Bubble Blush retails for €39.40 & is a limited edition. It’s available as we speak!

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