How To Use: The MAC Masterclass Oval 6 brush

Time has come for the third and last article in this series, simple because there are just three of these brand new MAC Masterclass brushes at the moment.If sales of these go well, I’m sure some extra sizes will show up soon as they already left some room by numbering these brushes and leaving out the uneven numbers. The Masterclass brushes are mainly made to use at home, they’re very easy to handle and because of the angle of the brush handle you’ll be able to get closer to your mirror if needed. The Oval 6 brush is the largest one of the bunch and probably the most coveted one as well. Let met show you what it is all about!

These Masterclass brushes are quite dense, so it’s very important to pick up the product lightly with a bouncing/stippling motion. You can use this one with primer, liquid foundation & cream blushes/highlighters/bronzers. Extra tip: these Masterclass brushes have bristles that are glued together instead of sown together (I think sewing these together wouldn’t even be an option since there are so many hairs in these brushes!), so when washing these watch out not to put it under streaming water & make sure that you let the brushes dry with the bristles faced down. If you let too much water touch the glue, it’ll dissolve and you’ll have some serious shedding issues. I’m warning you..

We applied both primer and liquid foundation with the brush and I must say that I was very impressed by the level of coverage this brush provides! We used MAC’s Face and Body foundation which is the sheerest one available & still it covered to a medium thickness. Apply these with stippling and swiping motions, you get the hang of it quickly. Applying your base with the Oval 6 brush goes surprisingly fast as well: this is the brush I’d use when I need lots of coverage because I didn’t sleep well, slept through the alarm clock and had a limited time to do my makeup.

I was happy to see that the Oval 6 brush is also very easy to use for cream blush and bronzer. In fact, it’s probably a very good brush to get started on cream products with! Apply the product with a stippling motion & swipe quickly to blend out. The result was absolutely flawless (I’ll admit that I peaked at some online reviews and have my reservations) - Amaury & I both agreed that we absolutely need this brush for cream products! It would make me reach for them much, much more often.

To sum it all up: we applied primer, foundation, highlighter, bronzer and blush with this brush. It’s the largest one of the bunch and the most versatile one as well.. This one can be used in most parts of your makeup application - except for on your eyes of course. Key with this brush again is stippling and swiping with a light hand. If I’d buy this one, I’d have a hard time deciding whether I’d use it for that easy and flawless base application, or for the shaping with blush and bronzer. Now that I’ve written all of these articles, I decided that this Oval 6 brush is definitely my favourite one of the bunch.

The Oval 6 brush retails for €44.00/£33.50/$42.00. It’s definitely not cheap & I do have quite some brushes as it is, so I’ll try and see whether I’m still in love with this one in a few months time. Also, it seems to be out of stock at the moment.. I’m clearly not the only one loving this one!

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