The Best Scrub Ever (or until now at least)

Clinique Sparkle Skin Scrub
Rewind to about three years ago - I had never scrubbed my legs/body before. Sure I had scrubbed my face a couple of times, but in general I didn’t really trust scrubs. Until I moved in with my bestie Katrin and she told me about this delicious salt scrub she always used and offered me to try it. I was absolutely hooked! I had never had such soft legs - everrr. So from then on I’ve tried a truckload of scrubs and suddenly last Summer I got introduced to The Best Scrub Ever (that I discovered until now at least): Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream. You probably saw it listed in my Favourites of 2013 Edit (read it here), and you’ll be pleased to read that the love is still going strong.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Scrub
So there’s not that much to say about this scrub - I just really like it and it’s definitely the best scrub stocked in casa Isabelle as we speak. Clinique’s Sparkle Skin Exfoliating Cream is a very thick blue paste that softens when used with water. You only need to use a small amount of product each time - a little does go a long way here. From the minute this thing touches water it releases its scent - it’s amazingly minty and fresh, resulting in a spa-like experience with every scrubby shower. If you don’t like menthol or if you know your skin can’t take it (menthol is known to be an irritant), you’ll have to skip this one. If not, you’re good. Some scrubs are so runny they’ll disappear on your skin even before you can give it a good scrub, but this one stays right where you want it. The grains are very soft & ultra small, made from synthetic material. It’s a lot softer than the usual salt or sugar scrubs - still resulting in the softest legs ever. And as an added bonus: using this when you have a cold will actually free up your airways - think Vaporub but with pretty skin as a result!
Clinique Sparkle Skin Exfolitating Cream retails for €34.50/£20.00/$25.00 and is definitely one of the most expensive scrubs I’ve used. Still, I do feel like it’s worth the price as you get a massive 250ml which lasts you a long time. That.. and the menthol sensation. It’s probably my favourite bit about this scrub.

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