The Deal With Dry Shampoo (and my new favourite!)

Dry Shampoos
Ever since I decided to wash my hair a whole lot less, I’ve been using loads more dry shampoo. I went from daily washes to washing it every other day, and now I can easily go three days without a proper shampoo. But not without dry shampoo of course.. It’s a true saviour! Dry shampoo absorbs excess oil on the scalp, which basically means your hair won’t look greasy as quickly as it would normally. Sounds pretty straight forward, but there actually are loads of differences between the dry shampoos you can find on the market today. I’ve tried quite a few brands in my search for the perfect pick-me-up in between washes, and I’d like to shine a light on three of them today.

Batiste in Regular, Blush and Dark & Brunette: Batiste is the most budget brand featured in this article, with full size bottles retailing for €5.59 & cute mini bottles for just €1.99. There are quite a few different versions of this dry shampoo available: a few scented ones, one formulated especially to create extra volume and two tinted ones for brunettes (one for light brunettes, one for dark brunettes). I tested quite a few of them - I believe I’ve tried all except for the one for XL volume & the one for light brunettes - and I’m the biggest fan of the Dark & Brunette version. Although the regular versions without colour don’t exactly leave a grey cast (careful not to use too much though, in which case it definitely would), I still like the tinted effect a lot more. I use dry shampoo both on the second & third day after washing and when I finally wash it on the morning of the fourth day I must admit that the shower turns a little brown when I rinse out my shampoo. Luckily it doesn’t stain - I encountered a little staining problem once when I was still young & careless enough to dye my own here reddish brown. It was a costly matter.
L’Oréal Professionel Volumetry: This small green bottle by L’Oréal Professionel is a higher end dry shampoo that promises to give a lot of extra volume to your hair next to taking away some of the excess oil. This one doesn’t leave a white/grey cast and although it’s a bit wet when first applied, it dries up quickly and leaves my hair comfortably clean. It retails for €17.70 in Belgium, which is probably more than I’d comfortably be willing to spend on a dry shampoo. I might cave in if the volume part would work out amazingly as well (think Oribe), but it doesn’t exactly deliver. A good dry shampoo as it is, but nothing spectacular.
Garnier Ultra Doux Dry Shampoo in Vanilla & Citrus: Last up is a new find for me (yes, I’ve probably been living under some sort of dry shampoo rock since last Summer) & comes in two different versions: the Garnier Ultra Doux Dry Shampoo in Vanilla for extra volume, and in Citrus for squeaky clean hair. I read here & there that this one would leave a thick white cast.. But it absolutely didn’t for me! In fact, this is probably the cleanest dry shampoo I have tried to date. It’s amazing! I love both versions, although I like the scent of the citrus one the most. Keeps my hair cleaner the whole day through and leaves less of a gritty feeling than Batiste. I think I converted to this brand from now on.. Yep! I should have paid €5.99 for each, but I got them on promotion so this was definitely a good budget find.

I’ll go a maximum of three days without washing my hair. I tried doing five days once, but as my scalp got a little itchy I felt like my hair just got way too dirty to comfortably wear it like that all day.. And I felt so happy when I finally washed it. Twice! Remember to always brush out the dry shampoo residue thoroughly before going out the door & only spray product on the roots of your hair, never on the lengths. If you know of any other good dry shampoos.. Please do share! 

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