Chanel's Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend

Chanel's Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend
Sorry for having been absent for a few days - I’ve surely missed you. I’m glad to have finally found the time to relax and write this post, I’ve been meaning to make more time for the blog but sometimes things pop up even though you don’t want them to. In any case, I’d like to tell you about Chanel's skin care regimen Les Temps Essentiels and how it’s been serving me today - it’s been a long time coming as I had already given you a peek in my last skin care update here. I strongly feel about thoroughly testing skin care before featuring them here, which is why this article took me awhile. The trio is basically an addition to your current skin care regimen, as all three are serums that you should use together with whatever other products you’d usually apply. They don’t have to be by Chanel - this can perk up any routine.

Le Jour is an addition to your morning skin care routine and is formulated to energise your skin, containing Grasse Jasmine extract (one of the most expensive jasmine extracts in the world) & salicylic acid. Jasmine extract is great for plumping dry skin, while salicylic acid will very gently exfoliate the top layer of your skin. It sinks in instantly and does keep me skin feeling quite naked, still craving for moisturiser. This is not one of those serums you could use alone under foundation. La Nuit is the equivalent to use at nighttime, but of course it works completely differently. At night after stressy work days we need to give our skin some rest and well deserved pampering - moisturising properly is key. Frankincense extract is used to calm the skin & reduce redness, while hyaluronic acid provides that shot of hydration to keep your skin plump throughout the night. This feels quite heavy as it is, so very oily skin types might feel this is enough. However I, for example, did still feel the need for my nighttime moisturiser. My skin gets dehydrated quickly, so I’m taking no chances. Le Weekend really is like a weekend for your skin, meant to use on Saturday and Sunday evening (okay, perhaps Chanel intended for this to be used only on Sunday, but I like to cheat with the good stuff). It’s quite potent when it comes to skin renewal, containing glycolic acid, but will also calm the skin & replenish hydration at the same time using rose water. Again, I follow up with my usual lightweight moisturiser - mostly on my forehead and nose which tend to feel quite dehydrated. I’ve learned that most people use Le Weekend on its own, but I guess it all boils down to personal preference.

Although the line is not specifically targeted for people with uneven, oily, acne prone skin; I do feel like it’s perfect for us. The use of different acids really tackles our skin texture, I noticed a clear difference in redness and roughness of my skin in certain areas - in just a few weeks. My favourites of the bunch are Le Jour & Le Weekend, because it’s these two babies that deliver the most visible results I think. I even noticed my bigger pores (on the apples of my cheeks, sad place!) much less. It’s impossible for pores to grow or shrink of course, but unclogging them can definitely make them less noticeable. If you’re not sure about this whole regimen, there’s the possibility to buy a travel sized set of these for €90. You get 15ml of each product - which is quite generous already and has lasted me months. I’m not sure when I’ll finish Le Weekend, but I think I have a good few months of use left in there. Full size, these contain 50ml and retail for €75 (Le Jour & La Nuit) and €90 (Le Weekend). Le Weekend definitely has the best value of all three, being quite economical because of the huge size of the bottle which should definitely last you a full year.

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