Clinique's Shades Of Beige: The Nail Polishes

Just a couple of weeks ago I showed you the gorgeous palette from Clinique’s 12 Shades Of Beige (in some countries there are 14 & 16 shades) collection. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that the collection in Belgium sold out completely in just a couple of days; the palette -which is the central piece in the collection- is just fabulous. Even though you can’t buy any of the items anymore in Belgium, I did notice that in other countries (such as the UK) there’s still some stock left. I still have two pretty nail polishes to show you: a true nude, and a true brown; so if you’re lucky enough to still live near some stock of this collection - let me tempt you.

Some girls think nude nails look a little strange on their hands & I have to agree - it can look a little funky. It’s all about finding the right shade of nude - look for a shade that won’t make your hands look, well ehh.. dead? Search for a nude that lies very close to your own skin tone or at least has the same undertone as yours. There are six (or eight, depending on the country) nail polishes available in this collection, so I’m sure you’ll find at least one that will suit your hands.

Chocolate On My Pillow' is a pretty chocolade brown with tiny golden shimmer running through it - very, very pretty like it is, although I'll admit that I would've skipped the shimmer. I might have done shimmery nail polish a tad too much in the past few years - I like clean shades much more these days. 'Pajama Party' is a peachy beige nude colour that suits my hands really well (my hands seem to have quite the warm undertone), although if you've got cold toned hands this could look a bit off on you. Wearing this shade does lengthen my fingers, which makes them look quite sophisticated with little effort. Clinique's nail polish formula is quite popular and these aren't any different - read my original findings on when they first launched their nail polishes here.

In some countries these might already be sold out, but if you can still find them where you live, they should retail for €16.55/£12.50/$12.50.

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