Micellar Waters: the all time fave & the newbies

It’s time for a little Monday confession: until a year and a half ago, I used to religiously turn to cleansing wipes to take off my make-up. The horror! I went from the cheapest wipes I could find at the drugstore (hey, I was living on a student’s budget) and then went on to experiment with the more expensive ones, but my skin still acted up after using the wrong kind, or sometimes just randomly. I’ve now happily been using micellar water for a good year and a half & it’s changed absolutely everything! No more redness, no more stinging.. You do of course need to find the perfect micellar fit - let me help you with these three.

Bioderma Créaline H20 - Holy grail material for a lot of us, and I happily agree. Perfectly gentle for my skin, takes off most of my make-up with just a few swipes and the formula just feels amazing. No sticky residue afterwards, no itchiness or red areas either. There’s just one downside though: this could cost you as little as €6.00 in France, but in other countries you’ll pay at least double the price. Of course that’s still an okay price to pay for something that really works.. But it does sting a little (the price, I mean - not the product).

Garnier Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin - Relatively new in my bathroom cabinet, but I’ve really been loving it! I had been living under a rock the past half year as I didn’t even know this one existed.. Until I spotted it on Twitter. A perfect dupe for the pink Bioderma in my opinion, at just €6.99/£4.99 and available in practically any supermarket or drugstore. It even tackles waterproof makeup!

Corine De Farme Purity Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin - I was so happy when I was introduced to this one - it was the first budget micellar water I spotted that came in a 500ml packaging. This one retails at around €6.00 I believe, which translated to a pretty good deal… In theory. I quickly discovered that this one contains fragrance - I’m not too sure why as this should be designed for sensitive skin. Either way.. it stings quite badly, depending on the state of my skin. I’m now slowly finishing the bottle, using it to clean brush handles and makeup packaging.

These are definitely not all of the micellar waters I’ve used - but just the three I had in my cabinet. Another really good one I’d like to mention is the micellar water by La Roche-Posay - a saviour for sensitive skin which will also tackle the toughest makeup. And finally for those who do like a little bit of fragrance: the micellar water with rose petals by Nuxe did not sting at all and smells absolutely gorgeous!

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