Big Wild Hair + WIN!

Big Wild Hair
My hair & volume.. They’re not best buddies. Nine out of ten times I try to add some oomph to my hair, it falls flat again within minutes. Those easy breezy texturising sprays? Hopeless on my locks. So what I really need is something a little bit heavier, which doesn’t make everything all crunchy and icky. In came L’Oréal Professionnel's new Wild Stylers products, with products like Crêpage de Chignon and Depolish to add that oomph that I’ve really been looking for.

Big Wild Hair
Crêpage De Chignon is a rough texturising spray (used in the picture above, look at how I seem to have twice as much hair!) that’ll add some volume and grit to ensure that extra bit of texture. Whenever my hair starts looking flat again, I run my fingers through my hair to regain that volume. I also quickly tested Depolish which is an amazingly effective texturising paste that is best warmed up in your hands and then sparingly added to the lengths of your hair. It’s grungy and rough - perfect for those mid length Alexa Chung-ish haircuts. The only downside is that all this texture also has to be combed out - I would definitely recommend to detangle very gently with a wide comb to prevent breakage as much as possible.

GIVEAWAY - I also get to give away a full set of Wild Stylers products (Scruff Me, Depolish, Crepage De Chignon & Next Day Hair), so if you’re looking for some extra volume and you’re keen on trying these out (& live in Belgium), drop me an e-mail on and let me know which product you’d prefer to win. I want to keep it really simple this time - there’s nothing else you need to do. Good luck!

UPDATE: And the winners are..
  1. Debbie D
  2. Ellen V
  3. Thalia W
  4. Sara V

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