Moodboard #1
I go through different clothing/makeup/perfume moods all of the time, so I figured it’d be a nice little recurring topic to feature here on the blog. // I’ve lately been very smitten with Guerlain’s La Petite Robe Noire, it’s probably my very favourite perfume today. Suitable for all occasions, I wear this one to work, for drinks, during lazy evenings & to important events. An all-rounder, but incredibly sophisticated. This really is an imaginary little black dress that’ll make you feel grand! // The new Laura Mercier Lip Glacé in Daiquiri has been tucked into my purse ever since it landed there. Expect a detailed post soon, as this baby definitely deserves its own post. Gorgeous non-sticky lips, yes please. // Last week I saw ELLE Belgium post an Instagram of the new Tamagotchi’s and a few days later I got one as a gift from my boyfriend. He’s got one too and we’re probably way too old to even have these, but whatever. // Clothingwise I’ve been wearing black & white print t-shirts a lot lately, combined with some skinny jeans. Not very innovative or original, but mostly just plain effortlessly chic. One of my favourite plain print tee brands is Cheap Monday - I got to order a bunch of their t-shirts on Zalando during the sales which put me in a pretty chipper mood indeed (thanks, Zalando!) The one featured in this post reads HELLO HELLO HOW LOW & is still available here at -40% off if you fancy getting it too. // Lastly I’m madly in love with my now Rock Clutch by Zadig & Voltaire. It’s just.. Perfect. There are no other words!

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