New (Short!) Hair + Laura Mercier Lip Glacé

New (Short!) Hair + Laura Mercier Lip Glacé
Ten days or so ago I all of the sudden had the urge to chop off quite some of my locks again.. For no apparent reason. So I did what any impulsive Pinterest obsessed girl would do: I quickly had it cut before I could change my mind. It resulted into a short but mostly very pretty curly do for a special work event..  It was pretty much perfect. But then of course there comes a day you need to wash it and style it yourself. I like to call that day Judgement Day, because you never really know if you like a new haircut until you’ve styled it all by yourself. Right?

Freshly styled curly short hair & gorgeous flowers at Baltimore, Antwerp. (pictures from my Instagram

I’m pretty happy with the results though, although growing out bangs is a real pain. I think it’ll take me another 6 months to grow my bangs long enough to have my hair all at the same length & going slightly longer in front (we’re thinking Gwyneth here). For now clever styling will have to do - beach waves definitely being the best option. For some reason I still have this strange natural ombre thing going on too, which only seems to worsen during the Summer. I used to think it was the remainder of my dyed hair, but now I realise it’s definitely something else causing this. I’ve promised myself to religiously have my ends cut every 6 weeks now, thinking dry ends because of too much time in between cuts might be the culprit.

New (Short!) Hair + Laura Mercier Lip Glacé
On my lips in the first picture by the way (the one with the messy unstyled short hair) is a super fun Lip Glacé by Laura Mercier. They launched 13 extra pigmented new shades recently, of which this pretty Daiquiri one is part of. It’s super pretty - definitely the ‘my lips but slightly pinkier and way better’ kind. A bit sticky, but it’s bearable. And very moisturising too! In Belgium you can get Laura Mercier at Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Brussels, a true heaven for any high end beauty addict. The glosses retail for €25,45.

I found a great spray to style those easy peasy beach waves by the way, blogpost to follow pretty soon(ish)!

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