The Most Divine Body Cream Ever (& it smells like roses!)

The Most Divine Body Cream Ever (& it smells like roses!)
Right. I had the mother of all body creams sitting in my bathroom cabinet since December, but since I’m a bit of a bodycreamoholic I didn’t allow myself to start using it until a week or two ago. L’Occitane released some new body creams in January, just in time for the beginning of Spring. This new Ultra Soft Cream is a lighter version of their Ultra Rich Body Cream, but still containing 10% shea butter. There are several scents (the other two smell like lime and vanilla), and I got the utterly DELICIOUS Rose Heart variation. This stuff seriously rocks and smells like heaven.

Although this is a lighter version, there’s still a dense texture to the cream. It feels whipped, but still thick. It’s actually quite perfect - sinks in within the minute, has a gorgeous scent that lasts all day (not kidding) and keeps skin hydrated all day through. And the scent.. It’s divine. Very soft, never overpowering &sweet but not the kind that’ll make your teeth ache. It makes me reminisce of something, but I’m still not sure what it is. You know that feeling of trying really hard to recall a memory that seems to be just one thought away? Exactly that. It makes me feel comforted and safe for some reason, and I especially like to apply this right before going to bed. Sweet dreams guaranteed.

L’Occitane’s Ultra Soft Cream is a permanent addition to their body care range. 100ml retails for €17.00/£18.00/$29.00. My jar is already nearly finished (might have been a bit too enthusiastic with it), I’ll be getting a new one soon!

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