Continuing with the rose obsession.. Givenchy's new Very IrresistibleL'Eau En Rose

Givenchy Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose
I have to admit to being a bit rose fragrance obsessed lately. Ever since finally started using the L’Occitane Rose Heart Soft Cream (read more about it here) I’ve been properly obsessed with layering rose fragrances. Givenchy has recently launched a new version of Very Irresistible dedicated to this little piece of fragrance heaven called Very Irresistible L’Eau en Rose. With rose as the main ingredient, I’ve obviously been kinda smitten with this perfume as well. The perfume opens with a soft rose scent accompanied by fruity blackberries and then goes on to smell strongly like lots and lots of roses accompanied by subtle musk. Perfect for rose lovers, and in my opinion quite timeless. I would definitely wear this in other seasons as well. This one only comes as an Eau De Toilette, which does bring down the wearing time to about 4 hours for me before needing to do a touch-up. Layered with other rose products though, the scent becomes more long lasting.

Rose lovers, please do confide: any other rose scented products I absolutely need to try? Let’s get this serious about this rose layering thing. I’m ready for rose takeover!

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