Correcting & Concealing with Lancôme's new Le Correcteur Pro palette

Lancôme Le Correcteur Pro
Concealing is an art. Definitely when you’ve got the darkest under eye circles, it’s one of the most important steps in any makeup routine. And boy, do I have dark circles.. They’re sometimes a little crazy. I have quite the concealer collection (hey, if anyone has the right to be concealer obsessed.. it has to be me, right?), keep testing out newcomers compulsively and adjust my routine as holy grail material comes by. Last month a new little gem hit the market: Lancôme released their new concealer palette Le Correcteur Pro. Combining my two loves in one - palettes and concealing - I was destined to give this a spin. Because a concealed girl.. Well, you know.

Lancôme Le Correcteur Pro
So why put concealer in a palette - mostly these things fly solo. The first shade in the palette is a waxy corrector, meaning that this one will counteract against any discolourations. I have the palette in 200 W Buff, which is a perfect shade match for me as it contains a salmon corrector. With my pale skin (NC15 when speaking MAC) you’d think that this palette is too dark for me, but I find that a whole other set of rules applies to the eye area. I don’t do super light concealer on mine, because it only accentuates my concerns. Going a just a tad darker is my weapon of choice. The second shade in the palette is the concealer shade, which looks to be more or less the same light beige shade in all 100 & 200 palettes. This one is much creamier and glides effortlessly over the corrector layer. I apply both the first and second step with my fingers as I find that these work better when warmed up. The third step is a setting powder, which is almost transparant. It’s quite a ‘hard’ powder, so you’ll have to dab into it a few times to get some product on your brush. I apply this with my new flat Y-3 eyeshadow brush by Chikuhodo (article on that brush can be found here).

Lancôme Le Correcteur Pro
This was my concealer palette of choice when I was in Japan as the heat there warmed up the palette on its own and I just fell in love with it. Back home I do have to do some extra effort to warm these up on the back of my hand, but it’s definitely worth it. I don’t really do any touch-ups during the day, although I do carry this with me in my purse as the kit is definitely travel-size and use it for a quick touch-up after work. After 6 weeks of use, I can definitely confess that this is one of my preferred concealers today. It’s just so easy to use!

Lancôme Le Correcteur Pro retails exclusively at Galleria Inno and Maison Roger in Belgium and comes in 8 different shade combinations. Elsewhere you’ll be able to pick this up at your regular Lancôme counter. Both cream products contain 1.1 grams, while the powder contains 1.3 grams of product. That’s less than what you’d get with MAC, but more or less the same as with other high end brands like Bobbi Brown. The full kit retails for €49.00, although it might turn out a little cheaper with the usual store discounts.

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