Favourite Base Combo Of The Moment

Favourite Base Combo Of The Moment
Girls with a skin as troublesome as mine will surely agree: finding the perfect base combination is the most important step of the whole makeup shebang we go through daily. Sure, I do have makeup-less days and am not afraid to leave the house without that perfect base combo - but whenever I’m actually doing something (work, friends, whatever) I’m all about covering up those scars, pigmentation spots and enlarged pores. These are some products I’ve really been enjoying used together lately, as they take care of a subtle healthy glow along with a very decent coverage.

STEP 1 - Garnier Miracle Skin Cream
Relatively new but already causing quite the buzz in beautyland, this skin cream has been readdressed as a primer in my makeup drawer and is my go-to hero when I need a good glow. Contains an SPF20 which is fine when you’re chilling inside all day, but as I’m out and about every day I still add an extra separate SPF50 right before applying this miracle cream. A full review on this one is to follow soon - this product deserves it!

STEP 2 - Estée Lauder Double Wear Stay-In-Place Foundation 
I think I will love this foundation forever. It’s just.. perfect. The coverage is amazing for acne survivors like me - I know you need extra power to cover up those scars. The finish is quite matte, but using a glowy primer like the Garnier Miracle Skin Cream will illuminate your skin just enough to transform the finish into something glowy-ish. I obviously pretty much suck at describing the finish this combo will give you, but trust me: you’ll love it.

STEP 3 - Chanel Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer
A creamy concealer I discovered in a MUA’s kit that has a medium to full coverage. Apart from the uneven skin, I also have a slight under eye area problem. I have very dark circles under my eyes and have already left sales assistants at make-up corners a bit confused when their strongest product just won’t cover it. This one though does a pretty decent job because of the interesting colour I bought: shade 31 Beige Rosé. Although it might definitely seem like the shade is way too dark for my very pale skin, I find these types of colours to work best on those pesky dark circles. This concealer is gel based, which makes it perfect to use on the eye area as it allows the concealer to be built up to two coats and doesn’t turn all dry when settled in. Review with before & after pics to follow soon.. The pictures have already been taken so it’s a matter of finding the time to edit this one out.

STEP 4 - Chanel Vitalumière Compact Douceur
I use this one on my forehead, sides of the cheeks, top of the nose and on my chin. This will set foundation perfectly, but won’t take away all of the glow. I’ve lately I’ve been loving that semi-dewy finish, but because of my oilier skin I really do need to powder off. This will do the trick! Full review can be found here.

STEP 5 - Laura Mercier Universal Setting Powder
This one is perfect to carry with you on the go and to grab whenever you need to touch up some oily areas, but I’ve also been loving it to set my concealer with. The powder feels very velvety and will smooth out fine lines while also locking everything in. Again, a full review or an article with some more in-depth info should follow before Summer.

And now we’re ready to re-add some depth to our face, because a full face of foundation, concealer & powder can look very flat and dull when it’s left without shaping products (blush, highlighter, bronzer - not necessarily all three). I feel like these five products work together really well and when I’m in a rush & know that my makeup has to last quite some time.. This is my go-to combo for sure. Be sure to send your favourite base combo recommendations my way, I always love to hear from you!

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