Manicure Madness - A Peachy Pink & Two Limited Edition Big Top Coats

ProNails Sunset Serenity & Sally Hansen Top Coats
Once upon a time, in a not too exotic apartment not really far away, there lived a little nail polish crazed girl called.. Well, I’m obviously talking about myself. I’ve been quite MIA on the nail front the past months and I’d even admit that it’s probably even been longer than a year since I’ve really consistently worn nail polish on a daily basis. But before that.. Oh boy. But change is on its way! I’ve been loving some of these past months’ nail polish launches and I think I can feel a little twist of polish habit kicking in. Expect some varnish prettiness to land on this blog in the coming weeks! I’d like to kick off with a very pretty peachy pink shade called Sunset Serenity by the Belgian salon brand ProNails, topped off with two nifty new limited edition top coats by Sally Hansen: the Big Matte Top Coat & the Big Shiny Top Coat.

ProNails Sunset Serenity & Sally Hansen Top Coats
Sunset Serenity is a very pretty Spring shade - the kind of peachy pink that’ll make your day just a tiny bit happier. It applies opaque in two coats and has a regular creamy finish. Although it’s very pretty on its own I topped it off with both Sally Hansen top coats: the matte varnish on my ring finger & the shiny varnish on all others. The shiny coat really is hella shiny - think along the lines of the typical gel gloss. The matte coat is surprisingly easy to apply and very qualitative in terms of finish. While some matte top coats can dry up a bit patchy or won’t really dry at all, this one does a quick job and leaves an even matte coat on your nails. I’m quite undecided between choosing or one of either top coats as my personal favourite.. I believe it really depends on the polish shade you’re using. In this pretty peachy pink case I found the matte effect to be very suiting and something I’ll definitely wear again on all nails. Power to the matte peaches!

The ProNails nail polishes retail for €12.50 at ProNails nail salons, and the Sally Hansen top coats (limited edition!) retail for €9.99 in Planet Parfum in Belgium or Sephora in other countries.

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