The Four Blow Drying Commandments

The Four Blow Drying Commandments

We’ve all been there - realising we’ve been a little reckless with our precious locks and desperately need to change up our routine. I’ve stopped dyeing my hair about two years ago, even though I do have some grey hairs (I know it’s early.. I’ll be completely grey at an early age I presume) I reckon it’s best to put a new dyeing session off for as long as possible. But one thing I really can’t stop doing is blow drying my hair. Air drying looks horrible on me & leaves my hair completely untameable - even a curling or straightening iron aren’t able to sort it out at that point. So I do what I have to do & have got a whole army of products lined up to prevent as much damage as possible. Combined with the right styling tools and frequent haircuts.. I think I’m doing the best I can. Check out my four commandments of blow drying your hair

1. Never brush your hair with a regular hairbrush when it’s wet. Always apply a detangling serum first, and then use a wide comb or a special brush that won’t pull on your hair. I currently alternate between Dove’s Nourishing Oil Care and Schwarkopf’s Essence Ultime Mineral Strength Spray Conditioner. My go-to hair brush at the moment is The Body Shop’s hairbrush with bamboo pins. It’s very gentle for your hair and at the same time provides a mini massage sensation! Since using this brush daily for all my brushing I’ve noticed a serious decrease in broken hair.  

2. Then it’s time to prep your hair for all that heat. There are a bunch of good leave-in treatments on the market, but my current favourites are definitely Kérastase’s Nectar Thermique and Redken’s Extreme Anti Snap (full review here). I always buy these online so I don’t have to run from hairdresser to hairdresser to have access to these. If you want to you can mix and match these leave-in treatments - I often add something extra and blend it all together between my hands before applying. Just make sure you don’t add too much product - it’ll make your hair all greasy and tacky when dry.

 3. Now for blow drying part. You absolutely need to find a blow dryer that has several heat settings! I always start off with high heat and quickly switch to medium heat when I find that my hair isn’t super wet anymore. When most of the hair is dry, I finish the drying part off with the lowest setting. When everything’s completely dry, I use the special cold setting for extra shine and softness. Luckily these hair dryers aren’t necessarily expensive - this one by Remington retails for around €25.00. 

4. When all that is done, I like to add some oil to the lengths of my hair with extra focus on the ends. I don’t have a particular favourite, but the Garnier Fructis Miraculous Oil (full review here) is the best budget option out there, with Kérastase having a variety of really good targeted hair oils in their Elixir Ultime line (full article and review here). And of course we can’t forget L’Oréal Professionnel’s Mythic Oil (review of the line here) - it’s the hair oil that started my oil obsession about three years ago.  

These are just four simple steps.. But they make such a huge difference! Once you get started on this little routine, you’ll soon start seeing a change in your overall hair quality. And you’ll find much less broken hairs in your brush as visible proof for it. 

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