Perfectly Sunkissed: Givenchy Croisière Bronzer

Givenchy Croisière Bronzer
Summer is coming and bronzer madness has officially started. With loads of pretty bronzers ending up on my desk, I’m running a little behind on launches.. But no worries, even though life has been a little crazy, I’ve been giving these a thorough spin. One of the prettiest bronzers this year is Givenchy's annual limited edition Bonne Mine bronzer. They've hit a total home run with their Croisière Bronzer,which comes in 4 shades (which isn’t usual with limited edition bronzers). It is huge -I can’t even store it in my makeup drawer- and the embossed design on the powder itself is just beautiful. But don’t be startled by the prettiness.. You absolutely have to dig in and feel how soft this powder is.

Givenchy Croisière Bronzer
There are four available shades of this powder - of which I have shade number 2, called ‘Douce Croisière’. Although I’d  usually pick shade number 1 myself as my skin is quite pale, I still find I can work with this one as it’s definitely not too dark & not too warm/orangey or glittery. The powder is scentless (while all powders seem to be perfumed these days.. so this is a nice change for those who hate fragrance in make-up) and has a super fine texture, containing no talc which is nice for girls who suffer from clogged pores quite often. There’s a very fine golden shimmer in the powder, but it’s not overpowering at all - so no worries there. In the picture above I’ve applied the powder quite liberally as you can see - I just love how beautifully sunkissed this makes my skin look! And don’t be fooled.. My complexion is not sunkissed at all, this is the bronzer doing its work for the full 100%. ‘Bonne Mine’ for sure!
The Givenchy Croisière Bronzer retails for around €45.00/£40.00/$50.00 and has been available since April. It is limited edition, so if you’d like to scoop this one up I’d suggest not to wait too long!

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