The All-Rounder Eye Cream by Filorga (including super voluminouseyelashes!)

Filorga Time-Filler Eyes
In previous posts, I’ve already disclosed how my eye area is probably my least favourite facial feature.. I have pretty bad dark circles, already quite some fine lines & to top it all of my under eye circles are quite hollow - which only add to the optical effect of tiredness. Given that I’m a total wuss and would never contemplate any corrective surgeries for these genetic traits, I need to find solace in beauty treatments and products. I have tested quite some eye creams over the past few years; and while some are pretty good, others just don’t really do anything for me and don’t deserve their spot here. A few months ago I was introduced a new contestant - Filorga's newest baby “Time Filler Eyes" - with a bunch of fancy presentations and statistics. I was intrigued, but of course a little sceptical about all those pretty promises. Fast forward to today - I’ve been using this cream for almost 4 months now, so divulging about what this has been doing for me is totally in order.

Filorga Time-Filler Eyes
Time Filler Eyes is an anti-ageing product and would probably not be recommended to any girl my age (I’m turning 27 in a few weeks - yay!), but I feel very strongly about already using these type of products for my eye area since this is the area I know will give me trouble first. It promises to tackle all sorts of problems: dark under eye circles, under eye hollows, expression lines and wrinkles, sagging eyelids and thin lashes. Obviously I don’t have any deep wrinkles in the area yet, and neither do I already have sagging upper eyelids - so on those claims I can’t comment. What I am an absolute expert at though are the other claims, so let me go over them and give you my personal dibs.
1. The creme is formulated with plumping spheres to fill the hollow areas of my under eye circles - this I have noticed to work, especially when I look at my pictures over the past few months. It’s quite obvious that there the area has been plumped a little, as hollows create extra shadows which are particularly tricky when being photographed. The hollows are still there, but it’s been better lately - and I’m already happy with the results to date.
2. To combat wrinkles and fine lines, Filorga has added a botox-like active ingredient that smoothes out expression lines. I have quite some fine lines under my eyes already and they become most noticeable when applying under-eye concealer - so because of this I could monitor these pretty well each morning during my make-up routine. Same story here - I feel like they look better and less visible, although I do still notice them.
3. The one thing that was best noticeable for me was the major boost my eyelashes got since using this eye cream - it’s pretty insane. I have used Revitalash before, and I’d go as far as saying that I’m experiencing a similar effect - this is thanks to a matrikine peptide in the formula. They are much longer and thicker too - it’s pretty neat.
4. The only claim I didn’t really see fulfilled was the fading of dark circles - mine are still there.. and they get worse depending on my stress and sleep levels. I haven’t yet found an eye-cream that actually does brighten my under eye circles, so I guess my quest for this type of result continues. Yep, a total bummer..
For me and for the areas I need some help with, this cream gets and totally deserves 3 stars out of four. And because I’m also happy about its general moisturising properties (hey, I once experienced flakiness under my eyes so I know first hand that this is very important!), I’m upgrading it to a good 3 stars with a little extra star on top (half a star would be sad). It’s difficult to find an eye cream that’ll suit you, but if you’re looking for something anti-ageing with pretty decent results - I can wholeheartedly suggest to try this one out. This retails at pharmacies and select department stores at €45.00 for 15ml.

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