Birthday Attire

Birthday Attire

I know I’ve been just a little MIA the past few days and I do have some good reasons.. It’s what happens when there’s an awesome wedding and a few great parties all in one weekend! And I’ll also admit to being a little less resistant to sleep deprivation (and extreme heat, what is up with the weather?!) these days, so I’ve been laying around all knocked out and haven’t really found the vibe to blog. Either way, it’s my birthday today (EXCITEMENT!) so I had this one prepared already to break this random blog pauze. I thought it’d be fun to share my birthday attire make-up wise of the year, as it’s all about everything you love and you just know will work for you.. And this here is the blessed combo!


As my base I’ve been absolutely loving this combination of Clinique’s CC Cream and Laura Mercier’s Foundation Primer in Radiance Bronze. Full review about that combo here. It adds the most gorgeous healthy glow to my complexion along with a nearly full coverage and stays put all day. Under the eyes I’m using Chanel’s Corrector Concealer in 31 beige along with the NARS stick concealer. The Chanel corrector has a great salmon colour that cancels our darkness under the eyes, while NARS adds some extra coverage on the darkest bits. On my cheeks I’m using Guerlain’s Terra Tropica Bronzing Powder for this year. It’s a lot lighter than the birthday edition of the bronzer and fits my pale skin perfectly. It holds a slightly shimmery light but warm bronzer, as well as a beautiful coral blusher. I use the bronzer and blusher separately as the huge packaging allows me to do so. For some extra glow, I’m using Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz. The subtle but gorgeous highlight this one adds to my cheekbones and nose is just.. beautiful! On the eyes I’m starting off with a MAC Cosmetics Paint Pot in Groundwork, a little miracle worker I really couldn’t live without! On top of that I layer Chanel’s new waterproof eye pencil in Ambre Doré, a stunning shimmery bronze colour that still has the same power twelve hours after application.. It’s so good I’m doing a separate article on this one soon. For the brows I’m once again using Estée Lauder’s new Double Wear Eyebrow Pencil, which seems to be a perfect shade match for me. Finally for mascara I’m using Dior’s new It Lash which gives amazing volume and staying power, without smudging during the day. I haven’t added anything on the lips when I recorded this pic, but I feel like I might go for one of the new Chanel glosses!

Before taking off for the celebrations, I wanted to share this quote I found a Gretchen Rubin book, as it’s really stayed with me because it’s just so true. “The days are long, but the years are short." And they really are. Enjoy and fully experience each and every day because they all pass by so quickly! Looking back on the past 27 years, I’m very grateful for each and every one of them as they’ve put me here in this time and place. Cheers!

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