Demo: The Perfect Chanel Corrector/Concealer

Chanel Concealer Corrector
I might’ve told you already about my concealer addiction. No in fact I’m pretty sure I have, because I’ve been showing you an insane amount of concealers and correctors over the past few years. But you know.. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. And in my case that’s sharing my concealer wisdom and reporting back about little gems that I find that might also help you get rid of those pesky dark under eye circles. Earlier this year I was on set for work with the fabulous makeup artist Nanja (one of the Suriel girls) and spotted a nifty Chanel concealer with a promising pinky shade in her makeup bag. There’s nothing cooler make-up wise than sifting through a MUA’s kit and discovering new gems, I tell you! I took a quick picture of it, went to the store a couple of days later and didn’t hesitate for a second - Chanel's Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer in shade 31 Beige Rosé was destined to end up in my own personal little kit. And here it is!

Chanel Concealer Corrector It kinda looks like Photoshop in the step-by-step picture collage I did for this post, but I promise you.. No tampering with these pics whatsoever. It’s just really that good. The concealer comes off a little too beige in this picture, so imagine some more pinkiness shade-wise. I would never use this shade to conceal spots on my chin as it’s too dark and just off colour for that purpose, but it’s perfect for cancelling darkness under the eyes. The pink beige tone counteracts the dark circles and makes them pretty much vanish. Even though this concealer is quite light-weight with its gel/cream consistency, I find it gives a pretty decent coverage. It doesn’t ever look cakey, creases a tiny bit when just applied (let’s face it: all concealer crease a little after initial application when you’ve got fine lines in the area) but once smoothed out again stays put. Lasts pretty much all day, although I would re-apply towards the evening if you’re headed out after work for a date or drinks. I’ve been applying this concealer with a number of techniques, but I like using a round, soft concealer brush such as this Ecotools Airbrush Concealer Brush the most. It blends the concealer in perfectly without loosing coverage and really does justice to the ‘airbrush’ in its name. And the best story is how I got it: I funded this little brush completely with Boots points. I know it’s not the most expensive brush ever, but I was still pretty stoked to see a “£0.00” balance when doing the self check-out. We still don’t have those kind of deals in Belgium, sadly..

Chanel's Correcteur Perfection Long Lasting Concealer retails for €30.80 in Ici Paris XL where I bought it, which might be a little cheaper than the suggested retail price. I got this one in the shade 31 Beige Rosé, but there are lighter & darker shades available too.

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