Double Winging It with Dior's Pink It-Line & It-Lash

Dior It-Line & It-Lash
So how’s everyone feeling Summer? It’s been crazy hot (the humid kinda hot) here and I haven’t been feeling it too much. Luckily it does get a little fresher in the evenings, although our bedroom seems to be in permanent sauna-state these days. Either way, you didn’t end up here to talk about my bedroom or the weather. We’re talking liners and mascara today. A little while ago I was pondering whether wanted to try the new coloured Dior It-Line & It-Lash, because you know.. it’s still a lot of pink around the eyes and stuff. Sure there’s also a good old black version, but it is Summer and it’s almost obligatory to experiment with the hot and flashy colours when those are also part of the collection. Also, just because I’m a completely packaging nut, can we have take a moment and check out how pretty these look? Even the liner looks ultra luxurious!

Dior It-Line & It-Lash
Not only are we talking pink liner here, there’s also a pink mascara. It-Line and It-Lash are new to Dior and while most of the customers will be looking into the black shade, I felt a little compelled to also try out the pink mascara. Generally speaking I’m quite fond of the mascara - I did also receive the black mascara and have worn it a good amount of times for full working days and truly love the effect it has on my lashes. It definitely volumizes, holds my (eyelash curler) curl well and doesn’t smudge. I only have tried the liner in pink, so keep in mind that I don’t have daily use experience with this one here.. I don’t do pink liner at the office. A little pet peeve with liners for me are how fast they dry, as I’m generally clumsy enough to get liner all over my face after blinking too fast. This one dries a little too slowly for my liking, but as it’s the only negative remark I have on it I’m willing to let it slip. It stays put on your eyes, doesn’t smudge or flake off and has a beautiful semi-glossy finish.

Dior It-Line & It-Lash
I find the prettiest way to use the pink liner is to combine it with a black liner and a feline flick, just like in the advertisement for the launch (watch a how-to here). I had to use my MAC fluidline in Wholesome (a very blackish brown) as I don’t have the black It-Line, so keep that in mind while judging the look. I applied It-Lash in It-Black on my upper lashes, and in It-Pink on my lower lashes. I love how precise the brush of It-Line is, it creates a thin flick in no-time and also allows to get to the lash line really closely. I wish I had some more guts so I could sport this look during the daytime! Who knew liner could be this fun.. All we need is some glitter now and I’m in pink girly heaven.

The Dior It-Lash mascara comes in four shades (black, pink, purple & blue) and retails for €33.00/£22.00/$26.00. The Dior It-Line liner also comes in those four shades and retails for €35.50/£24.50/31.00.

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