Tested: Summer Mani with Striplac + Giveaway!

Allesandro Striplac
The week before I left for Los Angeles I went to my usual beauty salon where I have my HD Brows done (read all about that here), when owner Ilse told me the client right after me cancelled. She had some extra time on her hands and asked me if I wanted to test our an Alessandro Striplac manicure. Striplac is a semi-permanent mani that usually lasts around ten days on your nails before you have to peel it off. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t say no to an impromptu well needed manicure. And to top it all off - I’m pretty excited to be able to give away one of these full Summer manicures to a reader.

Allesandro Striplac
For my own mani, we picked out the pretty coral shade ‘City Grass’, one of the new Summer shades from the collection ‘Viva La Vida’. Ilse also topped one finger with the top coat ‘Portland Dream’, which looks like fun confetti. In hindsight I would’ve liked the mani better without (my accent nail days are over), but it was a nice test. I used to have gel nails a long, long time ago and I remember that the nails could turn out quite thick depending on the designs you picked. With Striplac the mani isn’t too thick, although the finger with the extra top coat did look a little bulky from the side. The application was quite fast and painless - much like a regular mani we did the mani on my own natural nails, we also didn’t need to scrape off the top layer and we just used a base coat to make the Striplac adhere better.

Allesandro Striplac
My manicure lasted for about a week, although I did have a chip on the first day already after trying to open some tough foil packaging. All the other nails lasted for 7 days, and started to let go after an evening with friends at the sauna/pool complex. When I finally took the last remaining nails off, I was a bit worried about my nails as they looked very dry and brittle. Luckily most of this glue residue can be washed off with soap and hot water, and afterwards it’s very important to treat your nails with some oil and a nutritive base coat. This did the trick for me.

Allesandro Striplac
After taking proper care of them, my nails still felt strong and didn’t chip or tear, so it’s definitely a much gentler semi-permanent manicure compared to gel nails. It is quite important though not to do too many of these manicures in a row - you should leave some days in between to let your nails breathe and recover. I think this would be the perfect holiday manicure for when you really don’t want to worry about your nails, for a wedding party or even for your own wedding.

I’m giving away one of these full manicures at the Ilse D Esthetiek beauty salon in Ghent. So what do you have to do to participate? For just one chance, drop me an e-mail on isabelle@minnebelle.com to let me know you’d like to participate. For extra chances, you can share your current manicure on Instagram and Twitter, mention this giveaway and tag me (@minnebelle) in the post. If you don’t like taking pics of your nails (hey, no worries!) just tweet, Facebook or Instagram about the giveaway and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to drop me the links to your posts in an e-mail so I know how many times to add your name into the randomiser that’ll pick the winner. I will be picking a winner next Wednesday July 19th. And just to be complete, please do check out the disclaimer on giveaways and anything I mention on the blog here. Good luck!

Sorry if you’re an international reader and can’t participate in this one - but don’t worry, I have another cool giveaway coming up pretty soon! Keep watching this space..

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