The Homerun Base Combo: Clinique & Laura Mercier

Clinique CC  and Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Primer
I was a bit reluctant when already a few months ago I got the new Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Primer to try out after the presentation of the Summer collection - perhaps saying ‘a bit’ is even an understatement. I’m so pale that i can’t join in on most of the bronzer fun, let alone a very bronzy primer.. even though it looks like a tube of goodness with added jojoba oil and lots of vitamins. Tried it out on my face on its own and we didn’t get along, I felt like the bronze colour didn’t match or blend too well on me and I ended up having to work harder with my foundation. I figured I’d get a little tanner during the Summer, so I tucked it away with my other (pale proof) primers for later use. Fast forward until a week or two ago when I was using my Clinique CC cream (separate review here) when getting ready for work and thought I looked a little ghostly. When a colleague that day asked me if I was feeling well, I knew exactly where to find the culprit.. I had finally gotten a teeny-tiny bit tanner, at least enough for ‘Very Light’ not to work anymore. Applying the bronze primer right before a CC cream that is too pale wasn’t going to work either, so I decided on just mixing them together to enjoy the benefits of both and obtain the perfect shade. And can I say HOMERUN? This combo is a little piece of healthy dewy complexion heaven!

Clinique & Laura Mercier
I know it doesn’t look pretty on picture, but the mixing part has to be measured carefully and executed likewise. I take 2/3rds of Clinique, and mix it with 1/3rd of Laura Mercier. Then I give it two or three swirls directly with my brush (for this I love using the Real Techniques Buffing Brush) and then pat what’s on the brush all over my face first and start working it in. You’ll still have a little bit left on your hand to cover areas that need a little extra power, which is mostly my cheeks and chin. The finish of this combination is super glowy and healthy, but still with a pretty high amount of coverage - I think it looks really amazing. It wears quite well during the day, although it does move a little around my nose which I work back into the skin with my fingers whenever I notice it. I like finishing it off with a light dusting of finishing powder which isn’t too mattifying, my favourite at the moment still being the Chanel Vitalumière Compact Douceur (full review for that here). If I’d be doing something straight after work I’d powder up once more, but if not I’d just go home without any touch-ups as it never ends up looking greasy like sometimes can be the case with some dewy base products. And the radiance.. It stays put!

The Clinique CC Cream retails for around €30.00, and although the brand is available in a lot of stores do keep in mind that the Very Light shade is only available in certain countries. The Laura Mercier Radiance Bronze Primer retails for €41,70 and is available in select luxury stores (in Belgium this would be Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Brussels) or online luxury shops.

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