A Hammam Experience with The Body Shop

Sorry I haven’t posted in five days - I’ve been debating what to do with this blog. Since Tumblr blocked Bloglovin’, I feel like a lot of you haven’t been reaching my posts in the same way you used to anymore. Obviously, I also feel slightly let down by Tumblr after having used their platform for so many years - although probably I should’ve anticipated that my kind of blog should have been hosted elsewhere. That’s why I’m going to move the whole blog to Blogger over the next week, so if all of the sudden you’re getting an error or login page: it’s ok, it means we’re almost there. In the meanwhile -being my last blogpost on Tumblr- I want to tell you about this new Wild Argan range by The Body Shop that I’ve been introduced to a couple of weeks ago during a fun evening with an interesting presentation followed by a delicious cooking workshop.

Moroccan cooking class with The Body Shop & Selfie madness with my fabulous friend Lisha (source: my Instagram)

Introducing a new fairtrade supplier -the Targanine Cooperative from Morocco- The Body Shop has also added a completely new Range to their shops: the Wild Argan Oil line. Made with hand picked argan nuts from the Atlas Mountain that are hand-cracked by the local women, this range focuses on the tradition of hammam bathing. A hammam is a Turkish bathing place (a big heated tiled sauna-ish room with multiple bathing spots) where people cleanse their skin (or are cleansed by professional bathers) in various steps: scrubbing, massaging, washing & nourishing. While I don’t have my own hammam bathing room in my apartment, I recreated some of these steps in my bathroom with an indulgent argan oil infused bath using these new products. I used the Bubbling Bath generously which resulted in a huge cloud of bubbles (if you look closely, you’ll see that in the first picture part of the faucet in my bath tub has disappeared under a good dose of fluffy bubbles). Then I used the Massage Soap for a DIY massage - this is great for massaging your muscles after a tiring day. I do have to warn you not to get too much water onto the soap itself though - it gets a bit slippery. Finally I went in for a scrub with the Rough Scrub, which is a deliciously rich exfoliator for the body with argan shell exfoliants. The scent of all of these products is just so delicious - think nutty, but not too overpowering. You absolutely have to go into a shop and smell this for yourselves.

The complete Argan Oil range contains nine products that are all based around certain parts of the hammam bathing ritual. Everything retails for under €20.00/£15.00/$30.00 and is all made with community fair-trade argan oil from the Targanine Cooperative. It has just launched last week so should be in all stores as we speak! Additionally, I noticed that in Belgium there’s a promotion going on which gives you 50% off on every second body product you purchase. And that includes this new range!