Bobbi's Makeup Books and a Photobombing Piglet


I love a good makeup book. It all started out when I purchased Lauren Conrad's 'Beauty' book, and now I just want more of these informative & pretty books. I've been looking into Bobbi Brown's books and already got two as birthday gifts by dear friends - Makeup Manual & Everything Eyes. Makeup Manual is one of those books that you just gotta have as a makeup enthusiast, it features the handiest tips going from which brushes and other equipment to buy, to how to apply corrector and concealer and other all-round daily beauty tips. I really like the step-by-step picture approach in both books, which makes these books suitable for makeup rookies that haven't mastered the language of makeup yet, as well as makeup die-hards that just want to gain some extra knowledge or browse the beautiful pictures. I perhaps expected Everything Eyes to be a bit more pro, but it's still very accessible and covers both all  of the basics, as well as the more skilled tricks. The first Bobbi book to purchase is definitely Makeup Manual, and from there on you can pick your choice between the other books she's published. Yep, there are quite a few of them. Still on my wish list are Pretty Powerful which is full of interviews with powerful women plus their makeup and beauty tips & Living Beauty with makeup wisdom for women over forty. Even though I still have thirteen years to go before I hit the big four-oh, the book is also said to be full of wisdom about feeling good in your own skin - which is definitely some positivity I can use sometimes! And as for the little piglet on top of these books..? This is an adorable Tsum Tsum I bought in Japan and I just couldn't resist allowing it to photobomb this picture.. It's for a cute cause!

I'm always on the lookout for more great books about makeup and skin care - so please do share your recommendations with me!

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