First Look: Chanel's États Poétiques collection for Fall

Chanel Fall Collection 2014
Uh-oh, it looks like the Fall collections are already starting to march in while I’m still taking my time rounding up some Summery things to show you. I’ve been having some trouble keeping up with things due to some busy (but fun!) times, and to top it all off I have lost more or less all of the pictures I had prepared to edit for August’s posts.. So pretty much every good picture I had (it takes at least 50 bad pictures for one good one, I tell ya) is gone now. I did already re-take some pics this weekend, but the ordeal definitely did set me back another couple of days. However! I did already want to give you a quick little preview of Chanel’s new collection États Poétiques which is launching in a couple of weeks (August 11 for Belgium), as I got a lot of requests for pictures and swatches when I posted this on Instagram this weekend. And I really meant what I said in the caption: Chanel has brought us such a beautiful Autumn collection, it almost makes me long for the season..

Chanel Fall Collection 2014 Swatches
I only had the time to do some quick swatches, so here it goes! From left to right: Ombre Essentielle in Sensation, Rouge Coco Shine in Aura, Lèvres Scintillantes in Rose Rêvé and Le Vernis in Secret. I am super excited to try out the Rouge Coco Shine in Aura - it looks very dark in the bullet, but as always with this lipstick formula it goes on a bit lighter. I think the eyeshadow in Sensation will be perfect to use as a transition/blending shade, it’s quite pigmented but very close to my natural skin colour. The Le Vernis looks to be quite creamy, so I’m curious to see its finish on my nails.

Chanel Fall Collection 2014 Swatches
The 4 Ombres in Poésie is an absolute beauty that was already released in the US as a limited edition quad together with the launch of the new 4 Ombres formula. We (I think all of Europe?) didn’t get this quad back then, so we’re getting this baby for Autumn this year. The pigmentation of every shade is awesome, the texture is super buttery and smooth and the colours are just magnificent. I really can’t wait to give this palette a proper spin. Such a pretty quad!

The 4 Ombres palette will retail for €50.00, the Rouge Coco Shines for €32.00, the Lèvres Scintillantes for €27.50 and the Le Vernis for €23.00. Everything will be available at Chanel counters across Belgium from August 11th on. I will provide US and UK pricing later on, along with the other shades available in the collection together with the full articles for every product.

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