Newbie in Lacquer Town: Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor Island Treasures
Morgan Taylor is a new nail polish brand that I was introduced to earlier this year. I had never heard of it, but I thought the story behind the name was quite cool. The brand was founded by the creators of Gelish, and named after their daughters: Morgan and Taylor. Morgan Taylor is a 5-Free brand, which basically means their formula contains no Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor or Formaldehyde. They launched with a huge permanent line which contains just about any basic shade you could wish for, and also bring out seasonal collections to fit the time of year. As an introduction I got their Summer 2014 collection called Island Treasures to try out and a basic top and base coat.

Morgan Taylor Island Treasures From top to bottom, left to right: Beach Babe, Sarong but so right, Making Waves combined with Take Me To Your Tribe and Going Native. 

Application with this polish is quite easy: I found that most of these polishes turn opaque in one coat or two at most. I haven't experienced any of them to turn streaky, so there's little stress when applying. My favourite out of the bunch has definitely been Beach Babe, which I've worn quite often this Summer. It's a beautiful peachy nude colour with an opaque creamy finish in two coats. Second favourite in the line-up is Going Native, which is a turquoise-ish sea green type of colour. This one has been on my toe nails for most of the Summer! I'm not a huge fan of shades like Sarong but so right, a little too much shimmer for my liking these days - but that's personal preference. For those who like blue nail polishes Making Waves is the perfect cobalt blue, while Take Me To Your Tribe is a very pretty light blue/periwinkle shade.

Morgan Taylor Island Treasures Tropical Punch is a beautiful hot pink that is very Summer appropriate - this one would also be a perfect toe nail colour. Again the cream finish is really beautiful - just how it should be in two coats. I also tried the base and top coat (Stick With It & Make It Last) and I'm very pleasantly surprised with both. The base coat does a great job at preventing any discolouration and such, while the top coat is freakishly fast drying. This is like Seche Vite, but better. It's remarkable as it's not even advertised as a fast drying coat, so I'm not sure what their Need For Speed top coat does.. It can't possibly be any faster than this. I'm a huge fan. In terms of wearing power these polishes wore a couple of days on my finger nails and then started chipping, so that's pretty much in line with how any other brand performs on my finger nails. On my toe nails though, it seems to last forever. I never noticed any chipping during new pedicures.

Morgan Taylor nail polishes retail at €10,90 and can be bought through nail salons that use the brand. In Belgium you can find a retailers near you through their website, or you could also browse their online shop.

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