The Perfect Summer Gloss

Chanel Summer 2014 Glosses
We’re totally here today to talk jelly Chanel glosses, but first of all I’d like to tell you about a little rain on my blogging parade on this beautiful and sunny day. Last week, Tumblr decided to pull the plug on Bloglovin’s access to all Tumblr feeds. This basically means that my 641 followers there haven’t been seeing a single post pop up in a week. I’ve noticed a negative effect on comments and visits, so I’ll wait a little to see whether Tumblr and Bloglovin’ reach an agreement, and if not I’ll have to migrate blogging platforms - something I don’t necessarily want to do because another 309 of you have subbed through Tumblr. I’ll keep you posted throughout this whole ordeal, but in the meanwhile.. please pop in directly. Now back to those glosses. I’ve been meaning to post about these for weeks but never really got around to finishing the pictures during these busy weeks. I took these glosses with me to test them out on my trip to Los Angeles back in June and they’re basically all I wore on my lips throughout the whole week. They’re sheer, moisturising, glitter-free and just so.. pretty.

Chanel Summer 2014 Glosses
I got the shades Hello (light pink), Sunny (orange) and Sexy (hot fuchsia) to try out and was a bit WOWed at first when I didn’t know these were going to apply sheer. When applied they mostly look alike on the lips (very natural & glossy), although I would say that Sunny adds some extra pigment to my lips. Some, but not a lot. I’d say it’s mostly just very fun to have one of these brightly pigmented glosses in fancy packaging in your purse, but you don’t need all of them. Unless you’re a lipgloss fanatic and finish these tubes within the month.. As you can see by the tubes, I used Sunny and Sexy the most in LA, just because I wanted these in my purse! They also replaced my regular lip balm, as I found these glosses quite moisturising.
Chanel Summer 2014 Glosses Swatch
Chanel Summer Glosses
I feel like the formula of these Glossimers is a little bit different than the usual ones, as it’s more of a thick jelly gloss with a very glossy finish. I like the ease of applying these as there’s so little pigment you don’t really need a mirror. If you like very pigmented glosses this is definitely not enough bang for your buck, but if you’re more of the unadventurous glossy type (like me!), this is pretty much perfect.
These Chanel Glossimers are a part of the Spring collection, but aren’t limited edition (except for the shade Hello, which is limited). They retail for €27.50/£22.00/$29.50.