This Summer's Fragrances

Summer Fragrances

I don’t go a day without wearing perfume - I feel like it’s as important to your daily outfit as a good mascara and a great handbag. Thanks to the blog I get to try and discover a lot of fragrances, some I don’t like too much, but then there’s also the scents I really love. Which is total awesomeness, of course. Long before I blogged myself or even read blogs, discovering scents was a whole different ball game. I fell in love with Mugler’s Womanity thanks to a sampler I got on Oxford Street (it reminds me of London), picked Miss Dior Chérie because I thought the bow on the bottle was pretty and wore Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl between the age of 14 and 20 because it just was “my scent” - I bought my first bottle of it along with my high school best friend on the ferry between Calais and Dover. These days it’s a little bit different, but I still seem to attach emotions and memories to my perfumes. Let me hook you up with some scents to create memories with during the Summer - from very affordable to a bit pricier,  these are six diverse scents I think are perfect to wear right now!

Benefit - Laugh With Me Lee Lee (€36,00/£29,50 for 30ml EDT): flirty and fresh, this one is a tough one to describe. It’s a great fruity floral scent (think lily, melon, citrus, jasmin) with an amber and sandalwood base. It cheers me up every time I wear it! The bottle is very pretty and handy too - since no direct light can get to the perfume, this one can be kept on your vanity without going bad.
L’Occitane - Vitória Régia Night Flower (€32,00/£30,00 for 100ml EDC): This was love at first sight and probably my favourite out of this bunch. Based around an Amazonian waterlily that only opens at night, this floral scent is very sensual and addictive. With notes containing Reed, Water Hyacinthe, Peonies, Vitoria Amazonica, Lily of the Valley, Waterfall Accord, Cedar Wood and Musk; this is a truly gorgeous Summer scent.
Fendi - Fan Di Fendi Eau Fraiche (€65,50 for 50ml of EDT): With bergamot, lemon, cardemom, white flowers, green tea leaves, sensual woods & leather in the notes, this is a true Fendi fragrance. This smells super fresh like a zesty lemon iced tea - perfect for a super hot day. Don’t forget to take some with you in a travel container as this does need reapplication throughout the day. Full review can be found here.
The Body Shop - Fijian Water Lotus (€25,00/£16,00 for 50ml of EDT): From the Voyage collection, this fragrance is intended to make you think of an adventurous holiday. This scent is more of a marine floral, which almost makes it a unisex perfume. The first notes are quite strong with mandarin and litsea, but then quickly allow notes of lotus flower, rose and marine accord to take over. The marine scent is quite masculine, but does fade away after a small while. If you want to smell like a Fijian beachy paradise, this is it!
L’Occitane - Cérisier Rouge (€45,00/£35,00 for 50ml Eau Intense): Introduced as a Spring scent, this super sweet fragrance is perfect for anyone who likes an indulgent, candy-like, fruity scent. With blackcurrant, raspberries, red cherries, wild flowers and musk amongst the notes, this is a true treat and quite romantic too. Another huge plus is how long-lasting this one is as it’s an Eau Intense. The initial sugary feel fades after the first hours and turns into a sensual, full, romantic fragrance.
Givenchy - Very Irresistible L’Eau En Rose (€74,00/£52,00 for 50ml EDT): Another completely different scent in this Summery bunch and possibly my second favourite.  Opens with a soft rose scent accompanied by fruity blackberries and then goes on to smell strongly like lots and lots of roses accompanied by subtle musk. Pure and timeless perfection for anyone who loves a good rose scent. Full review can be found here.