Date Night Fragrances

Date Night Fragrance
I used to be the kind of girl that just went with one, maybe two perfumes and just switched it up along the mood of the day. Those days are long gone now and while I'm still not sure on which basis I actually pick my perfume in the morning - I do have a set of preferences for different occasions. Like date night for example - those kinds of nights call for the best of scents. Not too overpowering, but feminine, sexy and long-lasting. Let me dish out my faves.

Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire: I find it very difficult naming my absolute favourite scent, but I think this one's The One most of the time. Imagine heavy black cherries, almond, roses, liquorice and smoked black tea - this fragrance is inspired by the perfect (short, but sometimes also long) black dress. Perfect for date nights, or as someone on Fragrantica said: "perfect for those days when you officially no longer give a damn." While you'd think cherries and liquorice are for little girls, this is definitely not a young scent. It's over the top feminine & sexy, and I love it.

Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le Secret: It was love at first sight when this one came into my life. A beautiful white flower scent that opens with a big dose of lemon but then softens with white peony and lilies, along with patchouli, white musk & blonde woods. Although this version is a lighter version of the original perfume, I still find it very addictive. I own this feather edition which came with something that resembled a feathery cape for the bottle - needless to say I loved it.

Lancôme's La Vie Est Belle: It took the perfumers three years and 5000 versions of testing in order to come up with the final scent. Opens with fruity black currant and pear, and leaves a warm lingering scent with tonka bean, praline, patchouli and vanilla. Think soft and sophisticated with a hint of caramel. Perfect to wear on beautiful days, because life is too.

Dior's Addict Eau De Toilette: A temporary special edition to the Addict line-up, this one opens with a sweet citrus scent and Sicilian mandarin, but then warms up to a beautiful sophisticated feminine scent featuring vanilla, sandalwood and neroli. Has the perfect name for the scent as I find it quite addictive - I wear it to work often, but it's equally suited for coffee and dinner dates, or clubbing nights with the girls.

Miss Dior Chérie (sadly, discontinued): Definitely intended for younger girls with cotton candy and caramel popcorn like notes, I still fell indefinitely in love with it many years ago and feel quite sad that this is the last bottle I'll probably ever own. It's the most fun fragrance out of this bunch - so I'd wear this to a rollerblading date night or any occasion you know you'll just feel like you're sixteen again. Because being sixteen was pretty awesome.. Right?

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