Dior The Perfumes

Dior The Perfumes Book
Warning: early Christmas gift purchase alert! Dior is launching their first ever official Dior perfume book. Written by well-known scent critic Chandler Burr, with photography by Terri Weifenbach - this book is a stunner. The result is a gorgeous luxurious book full of history, descriptions and history details about Dior scents from 1947 up until today. With this publication Dior aims to showcase that besides being a fashion and couture house, they are most definitely also an important and leading perfume house. The book is launching this month in the US, and next month in the rest of Europe and will retail for €90.00/$115.00 suggested retail price. A great gift for anyone you know with a weak spot for Dior fragrances. And yes, that's a floral wall by the amazingly talented Belgian florist Mark Colle on the cover!

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