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Aveda Smooth Infusion
Even though my hair is pretty much straight as it is, it has some wavy bits throughout and it's very frizzy. I'm one of those persons who just simply can't let their hair air dry - it's horrible. Blowdrying it from towel-dry to dry helps a lot, and I use my GHD straightener afterwards on any bits that are still wavy or a little too unruly. This is mostly around the contours of my face, where some hair is a little shorter because of the fringe I used to sport for the past ten years. I need to do this each time I wash my hair, and when it gets all humid outside.. the smooth effect can be reversed in just a couple of minutes. That's where Aveda's new cream styling product Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight comes in.

It's not a leave-in conditioner, but really much more of a styling product and heat protectant in one. It basically combats frizz and tames your hair, ensuring a sleeker 'do for longer. It takes up to five applications to see its full effect, but I started noticing a real difference after two. You basically need to apply this through your towel-dry hair right before blowdrying - the working ingredients are activated by heat. My hair is noticeably straighter than usual after blowdrying - the wavy frizzy bits were definitely smoother, and kept becoming smoother with every extra application. I also found my hair to keep straight a little longer during humid days - although not for the full 100%, it's still a great precautionary measure to take whenever you know there'll be rain on your parade all day through.

Taking everything into account, this is definitely a great hair styling product for anyone dealing with unruly, frizzy and just plain difficult hair. It makes everything more manageable and leaves you a bit more confident in your sleek hairstyle, even when it's raining. A tube of 150ml retails for €28.00; you can find Aveda products in specialised Aveda hair salons.

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