Lolita Red Lipstick

A while ago, Lolita Lempicka launched their own lipstick range called Mon Rouge. I initially thought this was some sort of gift box extra type of thing, but oh no - I was definitely wrong about that. There are ten shades available in total and they're all made of the same great formula. Fifty percent of the ingredients are natural, and this blend of nourishing oils and good stuff makes for quite the moisturising lipstick. If your lips are pretty much chronically dry like mine, you know how important this is. Nine of the shades have a powdery pink packaging, while the red stand-out shade called Rouge Lolita has its own red packaging. It's pretty.

Lolita-Red Lolita-Red-Swatch
The red is very intense - I'll admit that this is not something I'd usually wear, but I wanted to try out the formula of these anyway. It goes on quite smoothly, wears for a decent time and doesn't really stain much either. And did I mention that this red is intense? There are some more basic & nude shades available in the regular line-up, and I'll admit that these would probably make me feel more comfortable. After all these years, I'm still not much of a bold lippie person.. But I'm trying! Other than my fear of boldness though, this is one gorgeous red colour.

Lolita Lempicka's Rouge are available in certain department stores - it varies per country. In Belgium these retail for €29.00.

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